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Library Infrastructure Upgrade

Design and Construction Dates:  Upon approval of Board of Regents

Library is currently under renovation. With the completion of this renovation, Library will regain nearly 400 seats for students and 17,000 square feet of space for library functions. With the increase of occupancy load, electrical and HVAC systems will require upgrade. Air handlers need to be replaced due to the end of their life expectancy. Building envelope containing (curtain wall system), windows, ceilings, etc., are in the scope for the project as well.

With the project implementation, air quality in the building will improve. Replacement of air handlers that are at the end of their life expectancy with newer more energy efficient models and upgrade of the electrical system will contribute to energy conservation. Due to reconfiguration of existing space and the fact that the Library will regain its original construction square footage, 700 students will be served at the Library at once.