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Academic Core Renovations


Design and Construction Dates: Roofs Replacement Completed and Construction in Progress for Phase II

The project will be executed in Phases and will include major renovation of several academic buildings and infrastructure upgrade.

  • Roofs Replacement - Completed
  • Replace original 45,162 sq.ft. roof for Magnolia Hall - Completed May 2018
  • Replace original 25,000 sq.ft. roof for Arts and Sciences Building - Completed February 2018
  • Replace original 43,268 sq.ft. roof for Athletics and Health Center - Completed May 2018
  • Arts and Sciences Renovation - Construction Phase
  • Theater upgrade
  • Addition of lobby space
  • Update dressing rooms
  • Provide connectivity between support spaces
  • Replace building elevator
  • Lecture Hall Renovation - Complete
  • Create lounge space
  • Improve classrooms efficiency
  • Provide connectivity to surrounding buildings
  • Build new restrooms
  • Upgrade IT/AV
  • Upgrade lighting
  • Upgrade HVAC equipment
  • Magnolia Hall- Construction Phase
  • Enclose Canopy for Student Lounge
  • Library HVAC and Electrical Upgrade - Construction Phase
  • Replace Control System with DDC Controls
  • Replace PIUs
  • Electrical systems-Replace Transformer and Main SwitchBoard
  • Athletics and Health Center - Completed December 2018
  • Build two classrooms
  • Locker rooms to accept relocated locker rooms
  • Lobby area adjustment
  • Electrical system upgrade for new layout
  • Communication, security and fire alarm systems upgrade
  • Mechanical and electrical raceway for future Mini-Chiller Plant
  • Roof Ladders Installation for James M. Baker University Center- Construction Phase
  • Install access ladders for roof maintenance
  • Centralized Mini-Chiller Construction for West Side of Campus - Construction Phase
  • Construct a Mini-chiller Plant at the South end of the Athletics Center
  • The structure is sized to accommodate three chillers and associated pumps allowing the plant in the future to increase its capacity
  • Provide underground chilled water piping loop to connect Harry S. Downs Center, Spivey Hall, Music Education and Student Activities Center with Mini-Central Plant
  • Distribution piping is sized to accommodate service to the future Convocation Center.
  • Conduits for the future data network loop to run along the chilled water line

Mini-chiller Plant