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Disability Documentation Criteria

Students requesting services through the Disability Resource Center are encouraged to review the forms below and download and print the corresponding forms pertaining to their condition/disability to bring to their provider. The following checklists and provider forms will help to ensure that students provide appropriate documentation. Students can either give the checklist to their provider to use for drafting a letter documenting their disability or give them the provider form to complete instead.  Note: Only one of the two forms of documentation is required not both. Students should return completed forms as well as any relevant testing/medical reports to the DRC by uploading their documentation into the ServiceNow Portal or delivering it to the DRC.

Disability documentation* should reflect a student’s current functional limitations; the determination of recency (how current the documentation is) is based on the professional judgment of the Disability Service Provider (DSP). Disability documentation will be approved/denied after careful review by the DSP. Appropriate accommodations will be determined after the student participates in an interactive interview with the DSP. Accommodations requested may differ from what is recommended in a student’s documentation and/or what was provided in High School or at other institutions.

*If student already has disability documentation and is unsure if it meets the guidelines set forth, please submit it for review so the DRC can determine if additional documentation may/may not be needed.

Disability Areas

  1. Acquired Brain Injury
    1. Acquired Brain Injury Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Acquired Brain Injury Medical Provider Form
  2. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    1. ADHD Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. ADHD Provider Form
  3.  Autism Spectrum Disorder
    1. Autism Spectrum Disorders Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Autism Spectrum Disorders Provider Form
  4. Communication Disorders
    1. Communication Disorders Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Communication Disorders Provider Form
  5. Learning Disabilities
    1. Learning Disabilities Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Learning Disabilities Provider Form
  6. Mobility Impairments
    1. Mobility Impairments Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Mobility Impairments Medical Provider Form
  7. Psychological Disorders
    1. Psychological Disorders Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Psychological Disorders Provider Form
  8. Sensory Disorders
    1. Sensory Disorders Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Hearing Impairments Provider Form
    3. Visual Impairments Provider Form
  9. Systemic/Chronic Medical Disorders
    1. Systemic/Chronic Medical Disorders Documentation Criteria Checklist
    2. Systemic/Chronic Medical Disorders Provider Form

Note: Disability documentation criteria can also be accessed on the website for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Student Affairs