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Proctored Exams Information

The Clayton State College of Business requires that each online course contains at least one proctored experience of significance.

NOTE: A proctored assessment is required for successful completion of an online course. In courses requiring only one proctored exam, failure to take that exam will result in a failing grade for the course regardless of the average of other grades. In courses in which the instructor requires two proctored exams, you may or may not pass the course as long as you take at least one of them, depending on your other grades. In other words, the zero you receive on the missed exam will lower your average grade for the course significantly, perhaps below the passing mark.

Exams in online classes work differently than exams in traditional, on-campus classes because they require you to plan, schedule and pay (testing cost may vary) for any and all appointments at an online testing center. Students and faculty should read and use the information on this site to ensure that the necessary midterms and final exams are completed successfully.

In order to measure learning outcomes in an objective, verifiable way, instructors will require students to take one or two exams with an online proctoring service with real time proctors where students will be asked to present a photo ID. Students are responsible for scheduling and taking their exams by the posted deadline. Students are responsible for looking at the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester, well in advance of the midterm and/or final, to confirm when exam periods are scheduled and to decide when to take the exam. Students are also responsible for being aware of the conditions and policies under which the exam will be proctored and administered.

Please note that although the vast majority of courses will require at least one major proctored assessment, professors in a small number of courses that utilize a semester long project to assess learning in their courses may not have a proctored exam.

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