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College of Business Internships

College of Business students are required to pursue an internship opportunity for academic credit.

Three upper-division credit hours should be earned by pursuing a required internship for academic major credit.

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable, applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths.

Completing an Internship

An internship (both credit & non-credit) consists of 150 work hours completed over the course of a semester. Most students typically complete the required time commitment by working 10 to 12 hours per week throughout the term. In addition to meeting eligibility requirements and learning objectives, students must submit a completed Internship Learning Agreement Form (see below) to the Faculty Coordinator for approval prior to the end of the terms course registration period to be considered for an official internship.

Note: Your internship hours cannot begin accumulating prior to the beginning of the term in which the internship takes place. If your internship experience should take place over two semesters (i.e., begins in July -- during summer semester -- and concludes in October -- during fall semester), then the Faculty Coordinator will grant you an 'Incomplete' grade for the term in which the internship began; the 'Incomplete' grade will be resolved based-upon the conclusion of the internship and requisite final evaluations that will take place during the ensuing term. This type of arrangement must be presented-to and agreed-upon by the Faculty Coordinator prior to the student’s registration into the internship course.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible for an internship opportunity:

Complete at least one full semester at Clayton State University

  • Earn a minimum 60 credit hours toward your Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
  • Maintain Good Academic Standing
  • Be admitted into one of the five College of Business major programs
  • Obtain approval from the faculty coordinator

How to Obtain an Internship

  • Applying for an internship opportunity can be done with a few easy steps.
  • Meet with the College of Business Faculty Coordinator to determine eligibility: Mr. Michael Smith (678) 466-4543
  • Sign-up and RSVP on Laker CareerZone to attend the Internship Job Search Strategies Workshop
  • Find an internship opportunity
  • Check Laker CareerZone
  • Network -- ask colleagues, instructors, friends, or family about potential opportunities
  • Attend Job Fairs
  • Contact organizations directly
  • Complete an Internship Learning Agreement Form
  • Complete the Internship Learning Agreement Form with your Internship Site Supervisor
  • Meet with the College of Business Faculty Coordinator to identify and establish learning objectives; review syllabus and/or assignments
  • Register for internship course with assistance from the Faculty Coordinator