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MBA Policies

Readmission to the MBA program

Students accepted into our MBA program who do not attend classes for over one year must apply for readmission into the degree program at both the School of Graduate Studies and the College of Business administration level and begin a new planned program of study. Course credit over five (5) years old generally will not be accepted in the program. Other previous graduate coursework will be evaluated on the basis of its applicability to the new program of study. To remain a student in good standing, degree candidates must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA and receive no more than two grades of "C" in the program.

Residency and transfer credit

To receive a Master of Business Administration graduate degree from Clayton State University, a student should usually complete all 33 semester hours of the program requirements at Clayton State University. All of these 33 hours must be completed after the student has been admitted to the degree program. Transfer of graduate credit hours is generally not accepted, although transfer credit from an AACSB accredited institution will be considered on an individual basis (the class must also be in our program of study).  A maximum of six (6) credit hours may be accepted into our MBA program.


Withdrawals are subject to approval by the Director of the MBA program. Students who simply stop attending classes without officially withdrawing will be assigned failing grades. Any student who desires to withdraw from the University should contact the MBA Director or Program Manager. Following an exit interview, the student will be issued a copy of the withdrawal form and the Program Director will process the paperwork with the necessary University offices.

Additional polices and important information may be found in the MBA Graduate Handbook.