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Are you considering a career as a veterinarian?  Vet schools do not require a specific major for admission.  Some vet schools do not even require a bachelor’s degree.  A good foundation in the sciences is often required.  Majoring in Biology or Chemistry are popular choices for students interested in vet school for this reason. 

In addition, vet schools often require a minimum amount of animal experience for admission: 

  • Gain animal experience by job shadowing, working on a farm or volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Gain veterinary clinical experience under the direct supervision of a veterinarian
  • Seek opportunities for research experience (animal and veterinary research as well as other field and/or laboratory-based research).

For more information on applying for vet school, visit the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges.


michelle furlong
Dr. Michelle Furlong
Clayton Hall T211C