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SGA Spring Candidates


  Candidate For Ballot Name Major Activities Statement of Intent
President Ahmad Johnson Administration Management CSU SGA--Internal Affairs Chair, National Technical Honor Society--President, Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB) My name is Ahmad Johnson native of Los Angeles, California. I'm a current Administration Management major with a concentration in organizational leadership at Clayton State University. I currently serve as your Student Government Association Internal Affairs Senator. Previously, I served as Atlanta Technical College SGA President along with serving as the State President of Georgia for the National Technical Honor Society. I'm a mentor and advocate for technical education for the Technical College System of Georgia. I'm an active member of Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB) at Clayton State University. Moving forward and bridging the gap between nontraditional students, dual enrollment students, returning students, international students, and graduation is my goal for 2017-2018. Creating a student, faculty, and staff driven campus for everyone is the spirit I bring. I'm very passionate about Clayton State University. Vote Ahmad Johnson. Together we will accomplish great things.
President Jamian Tavon Watson Criminial Justice CSU SGA--Treasurer, Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)--Secretary Hello, my name is Jamian Watson. I am a sophomore and the current Student Government Treasurer and Student African American Brotherhood Secretary. In SAAB I work with my brothers to spread cultural awareness through our events and uphold our mission to increase the graduation and retention rate of African American male students as well as all male students in general. If I were to be elected as president for SGA I would continue our current initiative to obtain a different graduation venue for our students. Also I want to find ways to work with other organizations to do something about our school's campus involvement. As president, if I were to be elected, I will do my best to address any of the many other concerns our students have as best I can.

Keely Bryant

Vice President Keely Bryant Criminal Justice Miss Clayton State University 2017-18, Laker Hall Resident Assistant, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Greetings, My name is Keely Bryant and I have big dreams for Clayton State, that I am planning to make real through SGA. Here is just a little history about my years in SGA, as a freshman I joined SGA and served as the Academic Affairs Chair and my sophomore year I became the Treasurer of SGA. This year I would like to serve as Vice President because I have a great vision for SGA and as well as Clayton State University.
Vice President Kamesha Kirkland Business Management Reading Traveling, Community Service, Habitat For Humanity, Student Government Association Secretary (2016-2017), Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated Voters should elect me to serve as the Vice President of Student Government Association because I have displayed my dedication to serving our student body throughout my two previous terms. As Vice President, I will fulfill all of my duties while promoting for the general welfare of my fellow peers. My goal is to positively represent opinions and concerns of Clayton's students. During my term, I hope to continue to improve my peers college experience.

Sagar Das

Treasurer Sagar Das Administrative Management SGA, Campus Involvement, Spending time with family, Meeting and Interacting with new people, Watching T.V. Greetings, my name is Sagar Das.   I am originally from India. I lived out in New York first then moved to Atlanta for about 16 years now. I'm currently an Administrative Management student at Clayton State University and a 2016 graduate from Atlanta Technical College with a degree in Criminal Justice Technology. My leadership skills involve me exercising my ability to interact with all kinds of people with different personalities, and to understand their views in order to delegate efficiently. Also, I have great interpersonal skills, confidence, and ambition. I held various positions at my previous college. Many of my fellow peers acknowledge my leadership skills at my previous college. I'm currently the Co-Chair of Fiscal Aff.  My 2017-2018 goal is to serve the student body at Clayton St
Secretary Chania Forte' Criminal Justice Modeling, F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Society, NAACP, Student Government If elected, I would be a good Secretary for Clayton State's Student Government because this will be my second term as a member of the Student Government Association, and as I plan on becoming Secretary, I plan to enhance my leadership skills, my involvement in the school and to the community, as well as to continue to be a voice for the student body!
Secretary Vince James Communications and Media Studies Outside work, SGA Undergraduate Senator, Habitat for Humanity, Photography, Graphic Design Dear Fellow Clayton State Students, I Vince James would like to declare my statement of intent as to why I should be elected Secretary of Student Government Association here at Clayton State University. Being that I have the experience as an Undergraduate Senator I know the vitality of the roles that I must commit to and I feel that I can further the Student Government Association organization to great things in the upcoming school year. It is also an utmost importance that ALL Clayton State's student body be informed on every event taken place within our meetings and outside events. I would be honored to represent not only the Student Government Association but the entire student body.
Undergraduate Senator Sasha Benefield Political Science Model UN, South Eastern African Model Union, Music, Choir, All On-Campus Political Movement Organizations,Gym, and Color Guard I feel as though that the student population is not fully aware of what is going around on campus. Many of us do not check our emails on a regular basis, so I feel the use of social media to share events and news about campus is a must. In the future, I am a very welcoming person who is willing to talk to anyone and everyone about what is going on. I do not shy from a challenge and I will not shy away from working to improve this campus. I plan to help address issues that you! the school population will bring up. I love to help and face any problem, so vote for me!

Careese Clozie

Undergraduate Senator Careese Colzie Middle Grades Education I enjoy hanging out with my friends as well going shopping. As a hobby I love to color. I am a current member of the fashion society as well as the S.A.A.S. Organization. Being a student here at Clayton State University, I hear and observe the issues my fellow peers are concerned about. Along with the issues, I hear and observe the ideas and changes our students have. With that being said I feel I should be elected as a senator in the Student Government Association, because I can bring my peer's issues, concerns and ideas to Committee Sessions to be heard and acted on.
Undergraduate Senator Danielle Eubanks Business Management SAAS, CEC, soccer, creating clothing and public speaking It is with great thrill that I appreciatively submit my application to serve as an officer or senator for Clayton State University's Student Government Association. If chosen, I will do everything in my power to be the voice and link for the students around me who feel their ideas and opinions are not heard. Looking back at the different leadership positions I've served as in my past, I know that having an understanding with the student body is huge in making changes. Also, being on the other side as a follower, I can whole heartedly say that every leader I've respected and admired was one that cared about the needs of others over the thought of how hard it was to fulfill them. I will bring to the table all of the knowledge I have attained in my previous endeavors throughout my life cohesivley, including perseverance, determination and consideration, to help make Clayton State University and it's student body an even more exceptional family oriented and coherent campus.
Undergraduate Senator Shannon Ferguson Biology Giving back to my community As a senator for Clayton State University, I would be honored to fulfill my duties and support the University students and staff. If you vote Shannon Ferguson for senate, I will stand up for my commitments and peers. Thank you!
Undergraduate Senator Fern Jorden Pre-Nursing Music, Television, sports, reading and writing love to listen to great stories "I feel strongly that I can advocate for you in meeting the needs and concerns of the student body. I understand that working together in office can make great thing happen to our benefit. I have volunteered over the past years in helping other in achieve in their goals. I love planning, I am great listener and love working toward achieving goals. I also love a great challenge. I am a dedicated worker and would love to serve in Student Government Office for you. Please Vote for Fern Jorden as your next Representative In Student Government "
Undergraduate Senator Jazzmine Jorden Nursing Theatre & Film, Reading, Writing, Performing Arts/Main Interest is in bridging the gap between, bringing more love to the cmapus and connecting people to each other/ SNA Bridge to Nursing Director at Clayton State University School of Nursing "My name is Jazzmine Jorden, I am a nursing student here at Clayton State and I believe in creating a unifying and supportive environment so that every student here can be successful in their chosen careers. We could all benefit from a little moral support every now and then, especially in these programs here at CSU. Being in the nursing program thus far I've learned that there's not a lot i could have achieved without the help of my colleagues, who are now my closest friends. I believe that same passion to see others succeed, should be radiating through this entire campus. There is one common quality that connects all of us to each other whether we realize it or not, and that's the dire need to be successful. I want to help ignite that drive in all of us, so that wherever we go when we leave here, we can say we were supported, and that we had fans. At the end of the day, If not anyone else, I'll be your fan.
Undergraduate Senator Tyshon Kelley Marketing Treasurer of S.A.A.B, SGA Senator, Laker Hall Resident Assistant, Rotaract Event Coordinator, University Hearing Panel Student Panelist, FLIP Mentor My name is Tyshon Kelley and i am running to serve as a SGA senator for the 2017-2018 academic year. I have had two enriching years here at Clayton State University where i have worked hard as a active, dedicated, and involved member of the CSU community. I have had the privilege to serve this academic term as a senator, and it would be my humble honor to serve the student body of this great institution again!
Undergraduate Senator Jasmine Rainey Pre-Business Outdoors activities. I believe I not only have the knowledge but also the perspective to successfully carry the post of a Senator. If elected to one of the Senator positions, I plan to bring new ideas to Student Government Association that have not yet been presented. I have had the opportunity to get to know our community from many different perspectives by listening to and learning from student, faculty, and administrative voices.I believe it is imperative that we fill the seats of Student Government Association senate with new and fresh ideas. This is the time for decisive leadership and active representation.I am looking forward to contributing to the renewed energy of the new Student Government Association. Please support me with your vote.
Undergraduate Senator Johntavious Whitaker (JT) Health Care Management Shopping, Socializing, Meeting New People, Engage community and church activities , love to travel exercise, and play basketball As a student at Clayton State, I would like to voice my peers opinions and concerns. Being a member of SGA would give me the ability to discuss common issues amongst officials and collaborate for a solution. For example financial aid issues . I also believe SGA would benefit me to become a better student and evolve me to become a successful graduate of Clayton State by networking. In addition as a individual , I am able to communicate effectively, multitask , dependable and well informed on technology skills. As a potential SGA member I look forward to meeting new people and to grow as a community