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OneUSG is a systemwide initiative to develop and implement streamlined policies, procedures and technology solutions that benefit the University System of Georgia (USG).

Through OneUSG, Clayton State University and other USG institutions are coming together to reduce costs, streamline processes, and have consistent guidelines and procedures with centralized support.

The Value of OneUSG Connect

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Easy to use tool - automates current manual human resources administrative processes.

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Better online experience - design features get where you need to go quickly and easily.

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Use it on mobile devices - view information on the go.

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Centralized support - Faster and more efficient responses to enquiries.

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Systemwide savings - using the same software, standardizing policies and centralizing support, there is a reduced net cost to the USG.

Employee Self Service

Provides the basics of navigating and using the OneUSG Connect application.

Learn more about Employee Self Service

Manager Self Service

Provides the basics for all managers.

Learn more about Manager Self Service