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RN-BSN Practicum

Students in the RN-BSN completion track must complete NURS 4503 – Practicum.

This course requires the RN student to accomplish individual learning objectives negotiated with their faculty facilitator and chosen preceptor(s) at the onset of the course.

The practicum will enable RN students to expand clinical expertise, broaden exposure to specialty areas, explore arenas with which they are unfamiliar, and apply theory learned throughout the BSN curriculum to meet the needs of clients. The practicum will specifically enable the RN student to implement the professional roles of a BSN registered nurse in the areas of leadership/management, education, and community practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I satisfy the 90-hour practicum requirement?

  • Community (30-hour) - experience a community situation in which you perform in the role of the professional BSN, i.e. Health Department, Outpatient Clinic
  • Education (30-hour) - research, plan, implement, and evaluate an educational offering for a target audience of your choice, i.e. Education Department, Clinical Rotations
  • Leadership (30-hour)  - apply principles of leadership/management to improve the delivery of nursing care by working directly with a nursing leader, i.e. CNO, Nurse Director/Manager

What are the practicum objectives?

  • Each student will be responsible for developing individualized objectives that he or she wishes to achieve during 90-hour practicum.  These objectives will help you focus on structured activities that insure successful achievement of desired outcomes. 
  • Student will collaborate with their chosen preceptor(s) and faculty facilitator to determine specific learning outcomes and objectives to meet the practicum requirements.
  • Student must submit objectives for faculty approval in the semester prior to enrollment in NURS4503.
  • Upon faculty approval, the student will develop final plans for working with their preceptor(s).  

How and when do I select an appropriate preceptor?

  • Each preceptor must possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or higher nursing degree.
  • Student must submit preceptor information for faculty approval in the semester prior to enrollment in NURS4503.

Should my preceptor complete any forms?

  • Yes, upon faculty approval, both the student and preceptor must complete appropriate forms to document practicum performance.

Can I satisfy practicum requirement(s) at my current place of employment?

  • Yes, with faculty approval.

What documentation must be submitted before I can begin my practicum hours?

  • Verification of current, unrestricted RN licensure in the United States
  • Copy of current American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider CPR Card
  • Physical Examination & Immunizations
  • Health Insurance 
  • Professional Liability Insurance

When should I enroll in NURS4503-Practicum?

  • NURS4503 should be taken in the last semester or next to last semester of nursing program enrollment.

How will my performance be evaluated?

  • Each week that you participate in a clinical experience, you will discuss your experience in your clinical log, to clarify that you are meeting your objectives. During the practicum, you may need to revise your objectives based on need.
  • At the end of the practicum, you will do a summary of the entire clinical practicum, evaluating the outcome of each of the predetermined objectives.
  • As opposed to a letter grade, the RN student will receive either satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U). A satisfactory grade is required in order to progress in the nursing program and graduate.