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AHEC Scholars Program

Atlanta Health Education Consortium (AHEC) Scholars Program is a two-year comprehensive Interprofessional Education (IPE) Program.

"Interprofessional learning is when 2 or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes" (World Health Organization, 2013). Clayton State University School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene have been involved in this program 2 years ago and have had our inaugural graduation for our first cohort.  

Our AHEC Scholars are engaged in modules and other activities that prepare them to work well with various disciplines which is extremely important for healthy patient outcomes. The program is simple to join. Please visit for requirements and application. The benefits include a stipend, statewide recognition in interprofessional collaboration and increased employability. For more information, please contact Dr. Victoria Foster at

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