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Health and Fitness Management Portfolio

Senior students are required to complete and turn in a portfolio to their professor during their last semester.

The portfolio is based on the Health and Fitness Management outcomes that are listed in the academic catalog. They include:

  1. Graduates will demonstrate advanced attainment of Clayton State University General Education Outcomes of Critical Thinking and Communication, including writing, oral communication, and computer literacy;
  2. Graduates will demonstrate workplace readiness through the ability to understand resource management (fiscal, human, and physical), the importance of teamwork, planning, leadership skills as well as the understanding of personal and professional ethics;
  3. Graduates will possess the interpersonal communication skills required for successful performance in the health and fitness environment;
  4. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to provide effective leadership in health & fitness environment, and 5. Graduates will apply knowledge and abilities from various disciplines to analyze an opportunity and propose an appropriate course of action (Interdisciplinary Analysis outcome). The student must meet the outcomes indicated in the specific catalog that governs all of his/her graduation requirements.

Students are required to write a detailed narrative that describes their personal goals in pursuing the BS in Health & Fitness Management and the outcomes addressing each outcome separately. (see the portfolio evaluation guidelines) The narrative includes discussing how students achieved the outcomes based on the required courses in the curriculum, any activities that students participated in, and any assignments that may show how students accomplished the outcomes.

The format for the portfolio consists of placing the typed outcomes and examples of work in a notebook. All papers that are included in the portfolio must be corrected papers that the professor has previously graded. Examples of work include typed papers and/or a hard copy of PowerPoint presentations. Students will use their best work for the portfolio. A table of contents may be useful if a student refers to a particular paper or presentation more than once.

A current resume is to be included in the portfolio. If a student needs resume advice, contact Bridgette McDonald in the Office of Career Services at (678) 466-5400 or through e-mail.

The portfolio is due one week prior to the last day of class or on the date set by the professor. Students need to be aware that the portfolio is very time consuming and that students need to begin working on the portfolio as early in the semester as possible. Do not delay work on the portfolio!