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Health and Fitness Management Internships

Students enrolled in the Health and Fitness Management degree program are required to complete an internship related to their area of study and their future career plan during their last semester of studies.

Students must have completed all Health and Fitness Management upper division courses prior to enrolling in the internship course. The purpose of the internship is to provide a mechanism for students to assimilate learning experiences in the classroom with real world situations and to prepare them for certifications.

The internship consists of a supervised/preceptored experience of 15 hours per week for the entire semester during the fall and spring, or for 23 hours per week for the summer semester. Students are expected to arrange their own internship after consulting with their advisor, career services and/or the internship course instructor. Currently we have more than 70 sites with which the University has negotiated internships. However, if the student is investigating another agency, it must be approved by the HFMG 4970 course instructor to ensure an appropriate placement.

The intern is required to meet all requirements set up by the agency such as schedules, dress code, health history (physical examination, immunizations, etc.) and other pertinent requirements that will relate to that agency. Students should also schedule appointments with their prospective agencies to negotiate the particulars of that facility.

Students should treat the interview like a job interview. Dress in a professional manner, have questions for the agency as well as be prepared to answer questions. Students should have a resume ready and carry a valid CPR card for the duration of the semester. Faculty in the program and career services are available to review the resume before it is sent out to the agency.

Prerequisites and Senior Standing

All students enrolled in HFMG 4970: Internship Course are required to contact the internship course instructor at least two semesters in advance to discuss the process for the internship.

Grades: Grades are determined by the combination of the preceptor's midterm and final evaluations and the weekly log of hours. Students are also expected to provide an end of internship reflection essay in D2L and take a free HIPAA online training provided through D2L by the instructor of record when necessary (mandatory for clinical sites).

Agreement: HFMG 4970 uses a specific MOU due to the HFMG program accreditation with CAAHEP. A copy can be found below. Each student is responsible to fill it out and email the internship instructor with the executed (signed) MOU document and a copy of a valid CPR card with either American Red Cross or American Heart Association for review by the following dates:

  • For Fall: November 15
  • For Summer: March 15
  • For Spring: June 15

Internship Resources

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