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Chapter 1606: Montgomery GI Bill ®- Reserves

Thumbnail of Montgomery GI Bill ® Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606) Program

Reservists actively drilling; 6-year obligation in Selected Reserves. Chapter 1606 Montgomery GI Bill® for Reserves include a monthly housing allowance paid according to the number of credit hours received.

  • Have a 6-year service obligation in the Selective Reserve, or An officer in the Selected Reserve and agreed to serve 6 years in addition to the initial service obligation
  • Completed initial Active Duty for training
  • Remain in good standing while serving in an active Selected Reserve unit
  • Entitlement is generally 36 months of full-time benefit payments

More eligibility information can be found at the following site: Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) | Veterans Affairs (

Step 1: Complete and submit the electronic VA Form 22-1990

Step 2: Student Submits Required Documents to the Office of Financial Aid/VA

  • Veterans Basic Data Sheet
  • Certificate of Eligibility or Eligibility Statement
  • Copy of Education Kicker, if applicable **An Education Kicker is part of the enlistment contract which increases the benefits rate.  The Education Kicker is also referred to as Army College Fund or Navy Sea College Fund
  • Primary School Letter, if student is a transient student

Step 3: Student Completes and Submits a VA Request for Enrollment Certification (Every Semester) 

  • During Registration Each semester, after you have completed your schedule and do not expect to make any changes, please complete the VA Enrollment Certification Request Survey.  This survey link will be sent to your Clayton State email each week after registration, until you complete the survey or until the semester ends; whichever occurs first.  When the new link is sent, the old link expires.
  • If you do not submit a request, your enrollment certification will not be submitted
  • If you choose not to receive VA Educational Benefits for the current term, please complete the Request to Submit Enrollment Certification Survey and select that you do not want to submit your enrollment certification to VA.

Step 4: VA Certifying Official Submits Enrollment Certification for Required Courses 

  • Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits are not applicable for non-required courses nor requirements that have already been successfully satisfied, according to the program standards.
  • A Veterans Affairs Certifying Official will review the courses and compare it to the requirements of the degree program and submit the enrollment certification to VA for processing.

Please be mindful that changes to the registration/schedule, degree program, attendance and such like can result in overpayments/underpayments of VA Educational Benefits.

To calculate your benefits, please feel free to use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool.

This benefit does not pay for tuition and fee charges. Payment for tuition and fees are expected by the payment deadline. This benefit includes a monthly stipend based on the number of years’ obligation and the number of credit hours certified per term.  Rates are subject to change annually. The rate change is usually effective October 1st of each year.

For students with an Education Kicker Contact, the additional stipend will be added accordingly. 

Payments are based on the previous month’s enrollment. Since the Department of Veterans Affairs no longer pays for break pay, benefits for courses out applies when courses are in session.  Consider this when taking courses with different beginning and ending dates.