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Film and Digital Media Policies and Procedures

Nondiscrimination Policy

Clayton State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Director of Human Resources: (678) 466-4230.

Scheduling Policy

Clayton State University reserves the right to change, cancel or reschedule any course for any purpose without actual notice to any individual. However, every effort will be made to notify registrants of any such changes. If a course is cancelled by the institution, the registration fee will be refunded in full and constitute the sole remedy for any course cancellation.

Attendance Policy

To successfully complete a course and receive a certificate with CEUs, you must attend 80% of the class sessions, actively participate and complete all course requirements. Courses with four or less sessions require 100% attendance.

Books And Supplies

Some courses require the student to purchase books and supplies that may not be included in the course fee. Information about the supplies and books (title, author and ISBN) is posted on our website and will be printed on receipts. Students may choose to use the Clayton State University Bookstore (The Loch Shop) on main campus, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Most of our courses have been developed for adult learners, therefore, we have a minimum age of 16 years to attend our courses. Unattended children are not allowed at any of our continuing education locations due to safety reasons.

Clayton State University Library Privileges

As a Clayton State University Continuing Education student, you may use the Clayton State University Library during the time that you are enrolled in continuing education courses. Please take a copy of your CE receipt and a valid Georgia driver's license to the library to utilize resource materials and to check out books. Please check the website for current operating hours:

Inclement Weather

In the case of any weather that might cause a disruption in the normal events, Clayton State University has an Emergency Weather Plan that includes the Office of Public and Media Relations contacting a wide variety of Metro Atlanta news media outlets that report weather-related closings. In case of a weather related closing, or any other type of emergency closing, the University has an extensive media contact list for such emergency situations. For information about all radio and TV outlets that will be contacted upon closing, please visit the University’s main webpage at 

During any potential emergency weather situation, information about Clayton State’s plans will also be available on the University’s website and through the University’s main telephone number (678-466-4000). Please do not call the Office of Public Safety, or the Office of Public and Media Relations. At times of bad weather or other emergencies, University officials make decisions on whether or not to close the campus based on public safety reports and other considerations. In such cases, the safety and security of the majority of students is a prime consideration.

If the University is closed, then classes are cancelled for all students. If the institution remains open, we recognize that there may be special circumstances that pertain to individual students that are more serious than those that apply to the majority. So, students are advised to use their best judgment about their safety and that of their families in those situations, and to consult with individual faculty members about making up lost time. In the event that other instructional sites are closed, every effort will be made to contact students and instructors by phone and/or email.

Refund Policy

Clayton State University Center for Continuing Education is self-supporting, so student registration fees must cover the costs associated with developing and delivering high quality courses. IF WE CANCEL A COURSE: Each course is closely monitored to ensure sufficient enrollment. Three business days prior to the start date, if we do not have sufficient enrollment to cover our costs, we may have to cancel or postpone the course. We will notify students by phone and email. Students may choose to receive a full refund or transfer to a different course. Before a transfer is completed, any differences in registration fees will be refunded, if amount of new course is less than original fee, or must be paid, if fee for new course is greater than original fee.

If You Withdraw From A Course Or Transfer To Another Course

You will be charged a 15% processing fee and receive the following: 85% refund for all withdrawals or credit towards a transfer made ten or more business days before the start date of the course 35% refund for all withdrawals or credit towards a transfer made three to nine business days before the start of the course 0% refund or credit made the day before the start date of the course or anytime following. 

NOTE: Only ONE transfer is allowed. Please allow two weeks for refunds to be processed. You may choose to send a substitute at no charge. Please call (678) 466- 5118 to make change. Check refunds are subject to a ten day business hold from the date of the check to ensure that funds have cleared out bank. If you paid by credit card, your account will be credited. Failure to attend a course DOES NOT constitute a formal withdrawal.

Return Check Policy

Clayton State University will impose a $30.00 charge for all returned checks. You will be notified and not allowed to return to class until payment and NSF fee are paid. SPECIAL NEEDS: In order to participate or receive benefit of continuing education programs, any person who can provide documentation of one or more disabilities may be eligible for disability services. Students requesting interpreters, assistance obtaining books on tap, special seating, Braille, arrangements to accommodate personal attendants and use of special equipment must request services one month prior to anticipated time of enrollment. Less specialized accommodations may be requested two weeks prior to the first week of course. For more information or to request disability services, please call (678) 466-5445.

Student Activities Center Memberships

Fitness Center memberships and tennis memberships may be available to members of the general community. View the fitness center membership information.

Student Code Of Conduct

By enrolling in a Clayton State University Center for Continuing Education course, students agree to conduct themselves at all times in a manner conducive to the promotion of a positive and pleasant learning environment for themselves and others. Belligerent, abusive, profane, threatening and/or inappropriate behavior on the part of students is a violation of the Clayton State University Student Code of Conduct. Possession, consumption of or the furnishing of alcoholic beverages or drugs on the Clayton State University campus or any area affiliated with Clayton State University is prohibited. Students who are found in violation of the Code of Conduct may be subject to immediate dismissal and may be prohibited from registering for additional Continuing Education courses. All Continuing Education students are expected to uphold the highest honor and integrity in completing class assignments. Plagiarism, cheating and all other forms of academic dishonesty are expressly forbidden. A student engaging in, or assisting others to engage in, such acts will result in dismissal without refund and may be prohibited from registering for additional Continuing Education courses. CEUs will not be awarded and a failing grade will be assigned on the student’s transcript (if applicable). Clayton State University Student Code of Conduct can be found at: Community Standards website.


If you would like to view your courses,

  1. Log into ACEweb and enter your email address and password.
  2. Click “View your account”
  3. Click “My History”
  4. Click on “Completed Courses” to see all of the courses you have completed.

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If you need an official listing sent to a school or employer, please download the Transcript Request Form. There is no fee for transcripts. Transcripts only include completed courses. Clayton State University Center for Continuing Education 2000 Clayton State Boulevard Morrow, GA 30260 Fax: (678) 466-5089.

Student Privacy Policy

Clayton State University Continuing Education's Student Privacy Policy.

Staff Development

Clayton State University Continuing Education's Staff Development Form.