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GFA Courses

GFA Spring 2023 Courses:  January 9 – April 27, 2023

Registration for Spring 2023 opens November 1, 2022 at 8AM.

Three Paths to Your Future: 

  • On-set Film and Television Production
  • Film and Television Post-Production
  • Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Development

To reserve your seat in the introductory courses for the On-Set Production, the Post-Production, and/or the Esports pathway please submit your request to the below reservation links.  These reservation links are dedicated to a particular subject and to particular days and times.  Your reservation will be time stamped and you will be contacted in the order your reservation was received.  We will send you a follow-up email to confirm and finalize enrollment.  Please remember to include your phone number with your reservation. 


GFA 1000:  Introduction On-set Film  & TV Production

This course is the first of an 18-credit hour certification program that introduces the skills used in on-set film production, including all forms of narrative media which utilize film-industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures. In addition to the use of topical lectures, PowerPoint presentations, videos and handouts, the course includes demonstrations of equipment and set operations as well as hands-on learning experiences. Students will learn: film production organizational structure, job descriptions and duties in various film craft areas, names, uses and protocols related to various pieces of professional on-set film equipment. Students will also learn, through lecture and exercises, how the various film crafts relate to one-another on a working set, as well as how and why they all must operate in sync. In addition, students will learn skills related to networking and self-marketing.

GFA 1000 Section 4; Tuesdays; January 10 – April 24; 4-10pm; EVENING

GFA1000 Section 8; Fridays; January 13 – April 21; 9am-3pm



GFA1040:  Introduction to Film and TV Post-Production

Introduction to Post-Production trains students in the essential system operations and technical functions of non-linear editing platforms used in professional film and television post-production.  Students perform practical exercises in alignment with fundamental skills for developing careers in professional post-production. Such skills include film management, footage logs, timecodes, proxies, edit decision lists, synchronization, transitions, simple effects, basic audio mixing, and file exports.  Additionally, students will explore the terminology, department hierarchy, history and theory of editing and sound design through concepts such as continuity style, montage, juxtapositions of images, development of sound design, and linear and flat-bed editing.  Students will develop an understanding of current post-production industry standards and workflow practices. 

GFA 1040 Section 3; Thursdays; January 12 – April 27; 9am-3pm

GFA1040 Section 4; Fridays; January 13 – April 21; 9am-3pm


GFA 1500:  Introduction to Digital Entertainment, Esports, & Game Development

Students will become oriented with the esports ecosystem and job families, including game publishing, tournament and league operations, live production and event management, broadcast distribution, on-air talent recruitment, team organization, sponsorship and marketing, community and social management.  In addition, students will learn the basic esports terminology and skills related to the networking and self-marketing used within the game-development and esports industry.  A team project allows students to design and execute their own esports online tournament event incorporating lessons learned during the course. 

GFA 1500 Section 1; Mondays; January 9 – April 24; 9am-3pm

GFA1500 Section 2; Tuesdays; January 10 – April 25; 9am-3pm


Craft Courses:  All Pathways

For all students continuing with GFA craft courses, please email your requests to:  Please indicate your 1st and 2nd choices.  Links to register are sent upon request. 


Film and TV On-set Production Craft Courses

GFA 2010:  Set Construction and Scenic Painting—Wednesdays 9am-3pm; 1/11-4/26

This course is designed to equip students with entry-level skills and knowledge of set construction for the film and television industry. Students will participate in goal-oriented class projects including reading blueprints, set safety, use of power tools, carpentry, scenic paint and sculpting. A large emphasis will be placed on set etiquette including, but not limited to, attitude, professionalism, and technique on and off set.


GFA 2020:  Lighting & Electric—Mondays 9am-3pm; 1/9-4/24

This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge of electrical distribution and set lighting on a motion picture or episodic television set in order to facilitate their entry and advancement in the film business. Students will participate in goal-oriented class projects including power distribution, set protocol and etiquette, properly setting lamps, department lingo, how to light a set to feature film standards, motion picture photography, etc. A large emphasis will be placed on set etiquette including, but not limited to, attitude, professionalism, and technique on and off set.


GFA 2030:  Grip & Rigging—Tuesdays 9am-3pm; 1/10-4/25

Grip & Rigging is an introduction and orientation to the practice of rigging and supporting grip equipment, cameras, vehicles, and other physical/mechanical devices. In addition to a gaining a thorough knowledge of the equipment used in grip and rigging, students will engage in on-set exercises in inventory, maintenance, set-up, troubleshooting, teamwork, set protocol and safety.


GFA 2050:  Special Makeup Effects—Saturdays 10am-4pm; 1/14-4/22

This course is designed to educate students with entry-level skills and knowledge in practical Special Effects (SFX) Makeup for the film and television industry. Students will participate in goal-oriented class projects including fabrication, material safety, using casting materials, professional make-up, sculpting, airbrushing, and design.


GFA 2060:  Accounting & Office Management—Saturdays 10am-4pm; 1/11-4/22

This course is designed to give students a broad understanding of work in and surrounding the Production Accounting and Production Office departments. Students will learn the fundamentals for working within and succeeding through the Production Office or Accounting Department in the film and television industry. In this course, students will be able to identify the key players in each department and define their responsibilities. The Production Office component of this course will focus on the relationship between the Production Office and the overall production and the importance of the communication hub that exists between the Office, Set and Post. The Accounting component of this course will focus on the accounting guidelines and reporting practices that are used to track and manage the finances of a production. Practical elements will be created through the use of actual production software and scenario simulations.


GFA 4010:  Production Design 2—Thursdays 9am-3pm; 1/12-4/27

Production Design II equips students with advanced skills and knowledge of the creative, technical and logistical processes of the Art Department, focusing on the design and construction of sets, props, and effects to professional standards.  Students will assume key roles as crew members in completing the pre-production and production workflows within the art department. Working from assigned scripts, students complete and present concept art, mood boards, architectural drawings, and then manage logistics of building all sets, props and effects for that production. In-person activities include carpentry, scenic painting, budgeting, scheduling, and design work utilizing Vectorworks Student Software. Students will implement their roles as crew members of the art department and develop working relationships with other crew members throughout the phases of production. Upon completion of the course, students will have a camera-ready and fully dressed set suitable for filming.

The practical hands-on production exercises require physical activity. Students will be expected to participate in practical exercises in a way that is safe and productive to a group learning environment. Students may be operating set construction and scenic painting equipment and should treat equipment appropriately to avoid damage or injury.


GFA 4100:  Production Crew Practicum—Fridays 9am-3pm; 1/13-4/21

Production Crew Externship provides continuing education students with career development through experiential learning in film and television production by supporting graduate candidates as crew on their thesis films, for the duration of their film. The course is offered in cooperation with GFC graduate partner institutions. Externship students will also research best practices and have a thorough understanding of industry safety procedures.  Students will document their acquired knowledge through journals and reports. The course emphasizes career development through student-specific, on-the-job training and in required weekly lessons that include instructor-led resume and interview training sessions. Because of the compressed and sometimes unusual scheduling nature of film productions, students must have flexibility in their own schedules to be able to work on these projects. A student must commit to working, as scheduled, the full term of the project and must follow all professional standards.

Note: the thesis films are most likely shot on multiple weekends (Friday-Sunday) over the course of the semester. Production will either occur at Trilith Studios or within a 30-mile radius of Trilith (studio zone) on location; transportation to and from location shoots within this zone are the responsibility of the student. Students who cannot meet those standards will not be permitted to continue on the project. It is expected and required that all 2100 and 4100 students are present on set and willing to provide hands-on labor.


Film & TV Post-Production Craft Courses

GFA 2040:  Intro Avid Media Composer 100—Tuesdays 4-10pm; 1/10-4/25;  ONLINE, EVENINGS   

GFA2040:  Intro Avid Media Composer 100—Wednesdays 9am-3pm; 1/11-4/26

This course is designed to certify students with Avid Media Composer User Certification. This certification is recognized worldwide as the industry standard for assistant editors in feature films and broadcast television. This course will equip students with a unique skillset and knowledge of industry standard digital imaging, editorial process and story forging on both motion picture and episodic nonlinear productions. At the end of the course the students will be qualified to advance a career in entertainment post-production of film and television. Strong computer skills are highly recommended.  All required texts are provided by GFA.  However, students must bring over-the-ear headphones (no earbuds). 


GFA 3140:  Intro Sound Design/ProTools 100—Wednesdays 9am-3pm; 1/11-4/26  

This course is designed to certify and equip students with a unique skillset and knowledge of the Digital Audio editorial process in order to facilitate their entry and advancement in the entertainment post-production industry. Students will certify as an "Avid Technology ProTools User." More specifically, students learn and certify in industry best practices for the digital audio process within an industry standard sound department. A large emphasis will be placed on the technical aspects of industry standard digital audio tools, including attitude, professionalism, and technique in and out of the room. Students are given in-class attendance/participation assignments that cannot be made up if absent.  Required Texts and Materials: over the ear headphones (no earbuds).   Computer skills necessary.  3140 and 2140 are identical.


GFA 4040:  Advanced Avid Media Composer 200—Mondays 9am-3pm; 1/9-4/24

Students who successfully complete this course and pass the embedded AVID Media Composer Professional Editing 1 (MC 20)1 and Media Composer Professional Editing II (MC 210) exams will earn the industry post-production credential of Avid Certified Professional in Media Composer.  With the step-by-step guidance from an Avid Certified Professional Instructor in this course, students will learn the skills needed to optimize editing workflows, streamline and ingest process, and manage media. Students will learn advanced picture editing techniques, how to quickly prepare for multi-cam editing and how to work with graphics and mattes. This course also covers compositing with the 3D Warp effect, color correction and an in-depth look at some of the wide range of audio tools and effects included in Media Composer.  Focusing on real world workflows, Media Composer Professional Editing takes students to a new and higher level of editing, providing an in-depth knowledge to distinguish as industry recognized, true editing professional.  Successful completion of GFA2040, terra-byte external Hard Drive Thunderbolt 2 (suggested)  and over ear headphones (no earbuds) are required.


GFA 4140:  Advanced Sound Design/ProTools 200—Thursdays 9am-3pm; 1/12-4/27

Advanced Sound Design with Avid Pro Tools 200 is a skills-based course to further develop the tools and techniques of post-production sound design for advanced careers in sound editing. Students participate in creative, narrative sound design projects to demonstrate proficiency in post-production sound design theory and practice. During the course, students have the opportunity to certify as an advanced Avid Pro Tools Certified Professional.  Students must bring over-ear headphones, no ear buds. Successful completion of GFA3140 is required. 


 Esports Craft Course

GFA 3510:  Digital Entertainment & Esports Event Design—Wednesdays 3-9pm;    1/11-4/26; EVENINGS

Digital Entertainment and Esports Event Design provides the specialized skills and insight needed for the creation of live digital entertainment and Esports events, including the necessary steps to propose, plan, produce, and market a professional event. Students will demonstrate learned skills through practical application exercises, culminating in a final class project. This course focuses on the advanced study and practice of digital entertainment and Esports events production, including tournament operation and administration, event management, talent management, live broadcast (aka “streaming”), on-air personality skills, social and community management, and post-production. With an emphasis on practical application, students have the opportunity to gain experience in these roles. Students will have access to industry-standard software and equipment to gain a working familiarity with these tools, taught in a professional live digital entertainment and Esports production facility. Georgia's Esports Industry Information:


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