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English, BA with Liberal Studies, MA Combined Degree Frequently Asked Questions

A degree in English will help develop effective communication across various modes, that employers look to use in Advertising, Arts & Entertainment, Broadcasting, Business, Editing, Education, Law, Library Science, Publishing, Print & Digital, and more.

The benefit of an English degree is the versatility of the skillset built throughout the program. Effective communication, situating one’s voice in writing, and critical reading and writing are all skills applicable to any discipline, and any professional job post-graduation.

Students will work closely with professors to learn how to produce a diverse set of professional, creative, and persuasive texts, ultimately developing oral and written language skills that are transferable to corporate, creative, or collegiate settings. 

Our faculty’s approach to reading and writing ensures that students are grounded in literary history and practice, contemporary trends in rhetoric and composition, and creative innovation via small classes.

The combined Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a 145-credit program that allows students to receive a BA in English and an MA in Liberal Studies with an English concentration within a five-year period. Students who enter this program will be able to advance their education in less time and at a reduced cost. 

The classes in this program are taught by faculty both in the Department of English and the MALS program. All faculty have earned terminal degrees in their fields and maintain rigorous research and scholarship agendas in order to ensure the students receive top quality and innovative instruction.

Contact Dr. Mary Lamb, Department of English Chair, at or (678) 466-4706; Dr. Shannon Cochran, Director of MALS Program, at or (678) 466-4723; or Dr. Patricia Smith, Coordinator of Combined Degree Program, at or (678) 466-4730.