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English, BA with Liberal Studies, MA Combined Degree Admissions

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies combined degree program, applicants first must be accepted to Clayton State University through the Office of Admissions.

Follow these steps to enroll in the combined degree program:

  • The student schedules a meeting with an undergraduate advisor before senior year.
  • The undergraduate advisor completes and submits the Declaration of Intent and Plan of Study relevant to the combined degree program, providing all parties a signed copy.
  • The student follows the projected plan of study, reviewing it at each advising session.
  • When enrolling in graduate courses for senior year, the undergraduate advisor registers the student for the graduate courses.
  • The student completes the online graduate application when nearing undergraduate degree completion.
  • After completing the undergraduate degree, the student starts the graduate degree, and advising is transferred to the graduate advisor.

Entrance requirements for the ENGL/MALS degree include the following:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • ENGL 3100 Intro to Literary Studies—grade of B or better
  • ENGL 3110 Intro to Writing Studies—grade of B or better
  • Acceptance into Graduate School

The graduate admissions process (during senior year) includes the following:

  • Graduate Application
  • $50 application fee
  • Transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Letters of recommendation

To receive more information on admission and financial aid, please visit the Clayton State Office of Admissions and Clayton State Office of Financial Aid.