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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly study sessions led by an SI leader who successfully passed the same course. Through SI, students will also learn how to improve their study habits and skills through fun activities.


Why attend SI Sessions?

Students who go to SI regularly achieve higher grades, learn better study skills, and have a better understanding of the course content. These learned study skills will help students in all of their current and future classes!

What does it cost?

SI sessions are free and it only costs you your time and effort. Because attendance is voluntary, students must make an attempt to attend every session to ensure continued academic success.

Will my professor know I attend?

No. Attendance is strictly confidential. If your professors want to know if you attend, they will have to hear it from you.



Fall 2020 SI Schedule will be posted soon!

View the days, times, and locations of when SI sessions are held

Building names are shortened here on the schedule. The following are the names and the abbreviations used below:

  • LDS - Lakeview Discovery Science Center
  • UC - University Center
  • T - Clayton Hall
  • G - Arts & Sciences