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Refunds or Problems

In Person

Vending refunds are issued in person at the LakerCard Center. Contact the LakerCard Center at (678) 466-4215 or

Vending Locations

Building Area Snack Beverage Coffee
Arbor Hall Breakroom  
Arts & Sciences 1st Floor  
Athletics 1st Floor    
Carnes Hall for Music 1st Floor  
Clayton Hall 1st Floor  
Downs Center 1st Floor
Edgewater Hall 1st Floor  
Facilities 1st Floor  
Faculty Hall Lobby    
Laker Hall 1st Floor  
Lakeview Science and Discovery 2nd Floor  
Library 1st Floor  
Lucy Huie Hall Breakroom    
Magnolia Hall Lobby  
Peachtree City Study Lounge  
University Center 1st Floor  
University Center 3rd Floor  
University Center 4th Floor  

Vending payment options