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Using SmartPrint

You’ve got SmartPrint installed…here’s how to use it:

ALWAYS begin by selecting Print Preview to see if there are blank or unwanted pages...this is especially important when printing from a website!

After previewing your document, select:

  • File, Print
  • Select either SmartPrint BW 2008 or SmartPrint Color 2008 from your list of available printers
  • In the Page Range box, indicate which pages you want to print
  • Click OK

You will be presented with a pop-up box requiring that you enter information for identification of the print job at the Release Station.

print job details

  • Enter your name in the field indicated - This will be used to identify your job at printing
  • Enter a password - Remember this password. You will need to enter it to release this document for printing. This password is case-sensitive

Your document name or the URL of the web page you are printing is automatically included and will appear at the release station.

  • Click Print
  • Proceed to a SmartPrint Release Station to release your document to print using the screen prompts. As a reminder, SmartPrint only accepts the LakerCard for payment and requires that you have enough available funds on your card to cover the entire document. SmartPrint only prints an entire partial printing.