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  • Spenser Emerson, Chair
  • Brandon McKeown, Vice Chair
  • Shelia Arkwright, Communications Secretary
  • Alina Mendoza-Brooks, Recording Secretary
  • Randall Snell, Fiscal Officer
2022-2024 Delegates
First Name Last Name Area/Unit
Shannon Thompson Business and Operations
Cedric Giles Business and Operations
Shelia Arkwright Business and Operations
Candace Jones Academic Affairs
Jalen Teal Academic Affairs
Heidi Benford Academic Affairs
Alina Mendoza-Brooks Academic Affairs
Sandra Starr Academic Affairs
Joseph Velasquez Academic Affairs
Veronica Arnold Student Affairs
Randall Snell Student Affairs
Spenser Emerson Student Affairs
Brandon McKeown Advancement
Faith Morton Information Technology and Services
Kevin Fitzgerald Information Technology and Services
Mason Grounds Athletics
Brenda Carr President
Elise Royston President
Ex Offico Member
Rodney Byrd Business & Operations
Nikia Yallah Business & Operations