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Parent and Family Association Calendar

Fall 2020 Important Dates

August 8th
Saturday classes begin

August 10th
Weekday classes begin

August 10-13

The time when students may change their class schedule.  See for more information.

August 11th
Student Part-time Job Fair

August 13th
Final Fee Payment Deadline (will include a $100 late registration charge)

August 20th
Last day for students to report to class.  Students who have not attended class will be dropped.  There may be serious financial aid consequences for any student who is reported as a no show due to the reduction in credit hours.

August 14 – October 2nd
Withdrawal Before Midpoint (final grade will be a W). No refunds for partial withdrawals. Students must withdraw from all classes in order to receive a refund.  Emphasize to your student to speak with Financial Aid before withdrawing from any or all courses as this may seriously impact financial aid.

September 5-7
Labor Day

University Official Holiday.  NO classes

September 23-30
Midpoint grade reporting period

October 2nd

Last day to withdraw and receive a W grade.  This will have no impact on the GPA.  Withdrawals after this date receive an automatic WF and are calculated as an “F” in the GPA.

October 12th
Spring and Summer 2021 Registration begins

November 16th

  • Last day to withdraw from a course. Final grade will be WF and will be counted in the GPA as an F.
  • Classes end

November 17-23
Final Exams

December 4th
Grades available via the DUCK