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Our Brand

Clayton State Values

Clayton State University is a place that empowers people in a lot of different ways.

Students are empowered academically by a faculty that’s truly committed to their success, as well as a curriculum that offers them engaged, experiential preparation to achieve their dreams.

And we’re all empowered and inspired by our inclusive, diverse, and supportive community.

The people at Clayton State bring such a rich diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and goals—it shapes who we are as an institution and makes the work that goes into achieving our dreams a much more fulfilling experience.

Brand Pillars

An Empowering Experience

Clayton State University is a place of empowerment.

Students—from all walks of life and from a wide range of life experiences and backgrounds—know they can come and receive an excellent education, develop relevant skills, and position themselves for impressive professional achievements.

Academic reputation is among the top reasons students choose to attend Clayton State University. As put by one of our students,

“ When I first came here, the feeling I got was like nothing else. You just got a sense that every single person here had a purpose. That they want to be here because they have places they want to go in life and this is the place that can help get them there.”

An Inclusive Diversity

In most cases, people limit the meaning of diversity to race and ethnicity. That’s clearly not the case at Clayton State University. Here, diversity goes much deeper than that.

At Clayton State University, it is the very diversity of the people, the interests, and the dreams that bring the community together and give everyone a feeling of inclusion.

It is interwoven throughout everything—the classes, the activities, the dozens of multi-cultural clubs and events, the atmosphere across campus. As put by one alumnus,

“Diversity at Clayton State is just natural, it’s seamless. In every one of my classes I benefited from the life experiences that my fellow students brought with them, and they from mine.”

An Engaged, Experiential Preparation

At Clayton State University, the experience is about more than simply informing students and equipping them with the skills to succeed.

It’s about an engaging, dynamic learning experience and preparation that truly challenges students to develop the habits of mind and depth of understanding in their field of interest, and how their knowledge connects to real-world problems outside of the classroom. As put by one student,

“I’m learning to see things differently, how to interpret information, and how to apply what I know to real-world situations and problems.”

A Supportive Community

All one needs to do is walk the halls and the campus at Clayton State University and the sense of community, of support, and of student-centeredness is impossible to miss. As put by one faculty member,

“For us, it’s about always being there for the students. Always. And it isn’t just a faculty thing. You see the way the staff and administration work with the students, and it makes you really proud to be a part of this community.