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Insurance FAQ

Health care in the United States is not nationalized or socialized. U.S healthcare is mostly a private industry. Therefore, it’s very expensive. A one-night stay in the hospital for a routine surgery could cost $30,000, and a simple office visit could cost $300.

You may purchase supplemental travel insurance or emergency medical insurance online if you wish. However, be advised, it will not meet standards required by the Board of Regents and cannot be substituted for the required medical insurance.

The University of Georgia is currently under contract with United Health Care and International students purchase their policy through PGH Global each semester. Information on how to apply for the PGH Global policy is available from the International Programs Director. Due to Covid-19 many international insurance policies are no longer accepted due to their limited coverage, and students should be prepared to purchase the PGH Global policy. International athletes have a different medical insurance policy and should work closely with the Athletics department to be enrolled.

Yes. The SHIP (Student Health Insurance Program) policy brochure and waiver form for CSU mandatory students are located here.

Please see the “policy brochure” near the bottom of this link here.

Enrollment in the plan is automatic when you are accepted. The charge for the remainder of the year (fall, spring, summer) will be added to your account.

Yes, your insurance card will be mailed to your US address directly from United Healthcare after open-enrollment ends.

Yes. You have coverage even without a card. If you need a doctor before your card arrives, enroll at United Healthcare’s website and print a temporary card.

Premiums Fall Spring & Summer Full Year Total
  (08/01/14 -12/31/14) (01/01/15 - 07/31/15) (08/01/14 – 07/31/15)
Student Rate $752 $1,043 $1,795
Spouse $2,203 $3,052 $5,255
Each child $1,015 $1,407 $2,422
2+ Children $1,940 $2,687 $4,627

No. Your spouse or any children accompanying you must also be covered, under Department of State regulations. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the termination of your DS-2019, which makes you unlawfully present.

Students with comparable insurance can request to waive the insurance requirement through an online process at the United Healthcare Clayton State portal. A comparable plan must meet the minimum requirements of the USG BOR. This determination is made by an impartial, 3rd party based on the information provided through the waiver form. To meet the waiver requirements, your insurance must, for example:

  • cover mental health (including suicide attempts, substance and alcohol treatment)
  • provide at least $100,000 annual coverage minimum
  • provide medical evacuation and repatriation benefits
  • CIEE programs
  • Open Society Institute/Muskie Fellows
  • French Country Plan (Additional Home Country plans may be approved. Consult UHC for updates.)
  • U.S. Department of State: Fulbright, IIE-funded programs, AMIDEAST, LAUSPAU
  • Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN) insurance.
  • Thai Embassy Plan
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Plan
  • Visiting International Faculty Program
  • ISEP, International Student Exchange Program
  • IREX, International Research Exchange BoardSaudi Arabian Cultural Mission Plan
  • Rotary International Sponsored Students

If you still feel your own plan meets the requirements of the USG BOR, you may appeal. You are covered during the appeal process: 1st denial: appeal by submitting another waiver via the same process. 2nd denial: appeal in writing via email to United Healthcare at: This appeal will be forwarded to the BOR.

Fall Semester 2013: September 15.

Enrollment is NOT automatic because it is not required. However, ISSO strongly urges to you to maintain coverage. You may enroll in the plan as a “voluntary” participant for the months you need. Enrollment must occur by the deadlines in #14. There may be no on / off gaps in your coverage. Create an account at the Clayton State United Healthcare portal. See #3 above. From there you can enroll for coverage and set-up payment.

After creating your account at the United Healthcare site, you can enroll and pay for your dependent(s). See #3 above.

Contact United Healthcare Email, Phone and Postal Addresses are here.