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Lots of people have lots of questions. We have lots of answers.


Q: Does the school provide web space for students?

A: Clayton State provides each student with a 25 GB web drive. This can be used for web space and other school related projects. Simply go to and log in with your CSU network credentials.  As an alternative, you may use SFTP to publish your content to the server.  Secure FTP is recommended but not required.

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Q: Does CSU provide Internet access? If so, how do I connect to and browse the Internet?

A: Clayton State provides Internet access while you are on campus as a service of the technology fee that you pay with your tuition.  You'll need to use your network credentials to access our wireless CSUSecure and wired network .

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HUB Services:

Q: How do I get my computer serviced by the HUB?

A:The HUB will provide assistance on one laptop per student for all currently enrolled students. To receive service the student must be currently attending classes and have paid all fees.

Our Service Counter is located on the first floor of the University Center and provides hardware and software assistance to students, staff, and faculty. Assistance is provided on a walk-up basis during operating hours, with the exception of the first week of class. 

Students (or someone on the student's behalf) are required to remain with their laptops while receiving service. Faculty and staff may make arrangements at the HUB's Service Counter to drop their laptops off for service.

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Q: Will the HUB set up students' personal computers to work on campus?

A:The HUB will set up personal laptops for the campus network for all currently enrolled students. This includes setting up network connections and installing software. We also provide online guides for students who wish to set up their laptops without HUB assistance.

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Q: How do I schedule a faculty laptop pickup appointment?

Appointments must be made at least one day in advance of your desired appointment date. Please call us at (678) 466-HELP.

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Q: I am an employee and I have forgotten my network password

A: You can always reset your password via the SWAN, here are some instructions. However, you must have signed up for this self-service password change. 

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Q: What are the HUB's Hours?

A: Our normal semester hours are as follows:




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Q: Will I be able to print on campus?

A: Yes, SmartPrint is available for students. You can install the SmartPrint software from Auxiliary Services' website You may also have the software installed by the HUB. SmartPrint has three printer locations: Laker card office in the University Center, Library, and the Music Building. All locations have a black and white printer. The Laker Card location also has a color printer. You can send print jobs to the SmartPrint from any location on campus that you have a network connection. The HUB does NOT provide computers for students to use when sending a job to SmartPrint.

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Q: Do I have to use the e-mail account issued to me by the university?

A: Yes. The faculty and administrative offices on campus will use this account to communicate with you. Because this is your official CSU e-mail account, you are responsible for knowing the content of e-mails sent to you by your instructor(s) and administrative offices. This is also the e-mail account on your class e-mail list.

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Q: Do students use the same e-mail system as faculty and staff?

A: Yes. Faculty, staff, use Office 365 Outlook.

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Q: What are the restrictions on my mailbox?

A: Faculty, staff, and student mailboxes are limited to 50 GB.

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Q: I am having problems Sending/Receiving e-mail.

A: (1) make sure you are connected to the network/Internet. (2) Make sure you have typed the correct username and password.

Third party email accounts (Yahoo, etc.) -- You will not be able to send emails from a third party email account through the student mail server. You can create the email but it will not send out until you plug into your home or other network.

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Q: How can I check my email (webmail)?

A: To check your CSU email account please go to and select "Login". It will prompt you for a username and password. Click the "mail" icon in the upper right.

You can also visit Sign in with your email address and network password.

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Q: I am a faculty / staff member and am having problems checking email


1) Make sure you are using your correct network credentials (network username and password.)

2) Make sure you have a network connection.

3) You can also check your email through any computer by going through an Internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)and going to and clicking on the mail icon.

If you are unable to connect using any of the above steps, please contact the HUB.

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Q: Can I use my student email with Outlook or another email client?

A:Yes. You can setup your student email to work with Outlook or any other mail client that supports the exchange protocol. 

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Q: How can I see if a laptop meets the requirements of Clayton State?

A: The hardware requirements are available on the ITPChoice website at

If you are not sure if a component meets the requirements after viewing the ITP Choice requirements, you can bring your laptop into the HUB and we can check the hardware specifications. You can also call the HUB for assistance (678)466-4357.

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Q: Is wireless available on campus?

A: Clayton State provides a wireless network for students and employees. Use CSUSecure to help keep your data safe.

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Q: Does Clayton State provide software?

A: Yes. The school will provide an upgrade to Windows 7 or 10, Microsoft Office Suite, and SmartPrint. 

You may be required to purchase additional course-specific software, (i.e. math software).

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Q: Will the university provide anti-virus software?

A: While we do not provide antivirus software, there are multiple options available for your computer. Learn about there on out Student AV page

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Q: What version of Microsoft Windows do I need?

A: The current operating system for Clayton State is Windows 7 Professional. However, we are transitioning to Windows 10. 

Students are encouraged to make or purchase restoration discs of their laptops at the time of purchase to protect the manufacturer-installed software.

*Windows 7 is available for MAC users.

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Q: Can the HUB install the math software on my notebook?

A: The HUB can assist you with the installation of course-specific software. However, the HUB does not furnish course-specific software. It is typically sold in the CSU bookstore.

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Q: Can I upgrade my Operating System?

A: The HUB handles operating system upgrades on a case-by-case basis. Please see a HUB supervisor for additional details.

* The upgrade process removes all of the manufacturer-installed software (e.g. tutorials, DVD software, recovery program, etc.).

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Q: I haven't used my machine in several semesters. How can I update it?

A: The HUB recommends that you update your machine with Windows updates and the latest software that we can provide. Back to top

Q: Why does the HUB erase my hard drive when I upgrade my operating system?

A: The HUB has adopted the policy to format (erase) the hard drive of a machine when upgrading the operating system based on past experiences. When a machine is formatted, it gives a clean base to work from, without the complexities of partially upgrading operating system files while leaving other files untouched. Our real-world results have shown that machines having been formatted for the upgrade process experience far less trouble down the road than machines upgraded using the Microsoft Windows upgrading tool.

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Q: What is the campus stance on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP?

A: Currently the official operating system for Clayton State University is Microsoft Windows 7Professional.  If anything renders a student's Windows Vista/Windows 7 unstable, we may install whatever Windows version we have available for this use. We strongly encourage all students to make or purchase a restoration DVD of the manufacturer installed operating system of their laptop.

We do not support Windows XP or Vista.

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The Swan:

Q: I am having problems logging into the DUCK

A: 1) Open up Internet Explorer and go to

a. If you cannot access this address, check that you have an active internet connection by attempting to connect to other websites. If you cannot access other websites, please contact the HUB and indicate this issue so that we may further troubleshoot this. If you can connect to other websites, and not the SWAN, please check to make sure that you are entering in the address exactly as listed above. If you still cannot access the SWAN, please contact the HUB and indicate this issue so that we may further troubleshoot this.

2) Once you arrive at , you will be at the login screen for the University Portal. The SWAN is the single point of sign on for access to the DUCK, email and other CSU systems.To login to the SWAN, please enter in your credentials. If you do not know your user ID, click on the "Lookup Username" link and respond to the questions that will lead you to your username. If you have forgotten your password, click on the " ForgotPassword" link and respond to your security questions to gain access to the SWAN. If you have not activated your SWAN account, click on the "Activate Account" link and follow the prompts.3) After entering your Username/Password Click on Login.

If you are successful in logging in, you will be presented with a row of icons in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the DUCK icon and you will be taken into the DUCK.

If you are unsuccessful, you will be directed back to the login screen an error message asking you to check your Username and Password and try again.

After several failed attempts to log in to the SWAN, your account will become disabled for security purposes. If your account is disabled, you will need to come to the HUB with photo ID to have your account enabled. The HUB encourages you to set up your security question and to click on the "Forgot Password" link after 2 failed attempts in order to avoid disabling your account.

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Q: How do I change my information listed on the DUCK directory?


Faculty and Staff:

Individuals can modify their CSU web page link, phone numbers, and office location as listed in the directory by logging into the Swan.

Any changes other than the CSU web page link, phone numbers, and office location should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.


Student information is pulled from the Banner student record system. The Registrar's Office is the keeper of this information and the only ones who can make changes. However, several changes can be made directly by the students.

Name Changes: When you login to The Duck and go to the Manage my student e-mail page, the system will automatically check to make sure your name in the e-mail system matches your current name in Banner.

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Georgia View:

Q: I am having trouble logging into Georgia View (Desire 2 Learn)

A: Log into the swan and click the D2L link. 

If you are using the direct link to Desire 2 Learn, use your Clayton State network credentials. 

Make sure your pop-up blockers are disabled. There is a browser check tool on the home page of GeorgiaView. Internet Explorer and Firefox are the preferred browser options. It will not work properly with Google Chrome. If you are using a MAC, Firefox is a good option as there may be some issues with Safari.


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Q: My previous courses are still displayed on GeorgiaView

A:By default, students logging into GeorgiaVIEW will see all of their current and previous courses listed in alphabetical order. You can elect to "hide" courses you no longer want to be displayed by clicking on the pencil icon at the far right side of the Course Listing box. This will take you to an edit screen where you can select and hide courses you do not want to view. 

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