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About ITC

ITC Introduction

In February of 2012, President Hynes charged a committee composed of academics, business and finance, and administration to create the Information Technology Strategic Plan. The plan responds to three challenges.

First, technology should be seen as a means of supporting all campus operations in all five campus divisions. Technology supports our core business of learning. Integrating technology into Clayton State’s education, support, and business processes is necessary to future success. Second, the infrastructure and support services necessary to ensure access and reliability of access to technologies that enable learning are a critical university priority. Third, plans must frame choices institutions make under conditions of scarce resources.

The Information Technology Council was formed as a result of the findings of the committee with the following mission:


Provide a reliable, effective information technology environment supported by transparent governance of policies, budgets and practices that supports and fosters innovation, operational efficiencies, and exceptional service and support to the campus community.


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