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Inspiration for the Modeling - Role Modeling Theory

The following was taken from the MRM listserv on 9/18/2003.  It was written by Dr. Helen Erickson in response to a question posted on the listserv from Patricia A. McKnight.  I believe it offers important insight into the development of the MRM theory and to the value of listservs within the nursing theory cyber community.  It is presented here for your information with permission of Dr. Erickson. 

Dr. Lisa Wright Eichelberger webmaster Nursing Theory Page

Excerpt from MRM listserv  Sept 19, 2003

"Patricia A. McKnight" wrote:

> I wonder if there is a possible connection between MRM and the


> work of Milton H. Erickson, the American psychiatrist. His work forms


> significant part of the basis for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (Also

> important in the development of NLP were Maslow and Fritz Perls.)


> Erickson developed a powerful model of hypnotherapy which he taught


> modeled for many years and the Milton H. Erickson Fdn. in Phoenix, Az

> continues that training. I have the impression that Helen Erickson,

one of

> the theorists of MRM, may be related to him.


> MRM uses the neo-Freudian developmental model of Erik Erikson -- the


> Danish analyst and developmental theorist. Milton H. Erickson and Erik

> Erikson are distinctly different people and practitioners. (Erik


> like Bruno Bettelheim, was a student of Anna Freud, Freid's daughter


> final caregiver.)


> regards,

> Pat McKnight


>>> helenerickson@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU 09/18/03 16:58 PM >>>

FYI those that are reading this and haven't already heard all about it:

Milton Erickson was really the inspiration behind MRM. As my

father-in-law he

guided me for years, helped me have the courage to label and articulate

what I

believed in and what I had observed in practice. He was always very

clear that

each of us might take his work and develop it within the context of our


discipline (or profession). Thus you will find nurses, social workers,


doctors, etc. who use the premises that his work was based on and use


techniques that he advocated. He was the one who gave me the idea for


title, MRM. Whenever I asked him for the "cookbook recipe" for his


he replied, "You just have to model their world." As time went by, I


that role-modeling was the plan of care, given the role the client had


for himself, given his model of the world.

Dad talked about his relationship with Frued. Remember that he went to


during the years that Freud was "the only way". Dad was trained as a


but decided early on that he didn't agree with the basic premises. Dad

and Erik

Erikson were alike in some ways, since both of them believed in the


goodness of mankind. Dad also believed that our un and subconscious


contained information that would be helpful in healing and growth. He


believe in the need to repress primal drive, etc. An interesting article


written a number of years ago comparing Carl Rogers and Dad. The author


about Erickson/Frued in that article.

Hope this helps clarify.

Nice to chat "with" you all! Helen