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Give Your Way

Dream Maker Scholarships

With a commitment of $1,000 per year for two years, these scholarships will be carry the name of the donor and may have certain broad selection criteria established by the donor. Each scholarship will be given to one student, and the donor and student will have the opportunity to meet at the annual scholarship luncheon held each spring.


The easiest way to support Clayton State is to make a gift of cash. Cash, checks and credit cards are all accepted and tax deductible as allowed by law. Contact us for more information on making cash gifts.

Mail your gift to:

Clayton State University Foundation
PO Box 387
Morrow, GA 30260

Online Gifts

Make an online gift.


Gifts of securities, especially appreciated stock held for more than one year, provide tax savings for you and support for Clayton State University. Consult your tax advisor to take full advantage of contributions of stock contributions. The Clayton State Foundation will sell the securities as soon as possible and apply the funds wherever you specify. Contact us* for more information on making gifts of securities.

Gifts-in Kind

Gifts of personal property (artwork, books, vehicles, jewelry, etc.) can be donated to Clayton State and you can be entitled to an income tax deduction. A gift of personal property must be professionally appraised and then reviewed by the Clayton State Foundation before the donation can be finalized. Contact us for more information on making gifts-in-kind.

Matching Gifts

Double or even triple your gift's impact on the University! More than one thousand companies offer some level of corporate match for their employees' philanthropic interests. You will be recognized for the full amount of your own gift plus any resulting corporate match.

Contact your company's personnel or human resources office to find out if your employer, or your spouse's employer, has a matching gift program.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate that you have owned for many years can be advantageous for you and Clayton State. If you donate the property, instead of selling it, you can avoid a potential capital gains tax and realize a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of the real estate. Contact us for more information on making gifts of real estate.

Planned Gifts

Considering the Clayton State University Foundation as you prepare your will is an excellent way to create a legacy and provide support to future students of Clayton State University. Contact us for more information on planned gifts, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, and life insurance.