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Fundraising Policies

The Board of Trustees of the Clayton State University Foundation has adopted programs and goals designed to go hand-in-hand with the mission of Clayton State University to cultivate an environment of engaged, experienced-based learning, enriched by active community service, that prepares students of diverse ages and backgrounds to succeed in their lives and careers.

Clayton State University seeks through responsible activities to encourage gifts from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, businesses, corporations, foundations, and others. As a senior institution of the University System of Georgia, the University is governed in its fund raising activities by the policies of the Board of Regents, the most relevant portion of which reads:

Institutions of the System are authorized and encouraged to solicit gifts and grants in support of the mission and objectives of the institution, including funds for student scholarships, salary supplements, construction of physical facilities and gifts or grants for other purposes as may be designated by the donor; provided, however, that institutions are not authorized to commit any state funds for challenge or matching grants or gifts for the construction of facilities or for other purposes without prior approval of the Board of Regents (Section 705.07).

By administrative authority, all fund raising activities of the University and its units are under the administrative supervision of the Vice President of University Advancement.

The Division of University Advancement, in cooperation with the Clayton State University Foundation, Inc., is the duly designated fund raising agency for the University. In the broadest sense, the purpose of the Division of University Advancement is to (1)communicate the University’s character, quality, priorities, and goals; (2) build meaningful relationships with external and internal constituents; and (3)secure and steward financial resources in support of the University’s mission.

Definition of “University Fundraising or University Solicitation” Activities Any fundraising or solicitation activity that employs the name, image, or reputation of Clayton State University in an effort to secure financial contributions will be considered fundraising or solicitation in the name of the University and is subject to this policy.

Any administrator, faculty, or staff member who wishes to undertake any type of fundraising or solicitation of contributions in the name of the University shall follow the guidelines set forth in this document.


Fund-raising efforts on behalf of Clayton State University must be consistent with the following:

  • Ensure maximum effectiveness in the total fund-raising program of the University by assuring that university-wide priorities are featured;
  • Reduce or eliminate multiplicity of contacts with common fund-raising prospects, thereby avoiding over-solicitation of individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations by university units (except for the seeking of grants from foundations by the Office of Grants and Contract Programs);
  • Utilize the resources of the Division of University Advancement to assist in the successful execution of approved fund-raising programs; and
  • Ensure that state board and university policies are followed.


  • Clayton State University operates on a fiscal year from July 1 through June 30. The Annual Fund is coordinated through the Office of Development.  Trustees, alumni, faculty/staff, friends, students, parents, corporations, foundations, and others are solicited annually.  Donors may designate their gifts for unrestricted or restricted purposes, provided the purpose is in line with the University mission, strategic plan, and current priorities.  These gifts are critical to the advancement of the University and therefore, this effort is designated as a priority.
  • All efforts within the University to raise funds from private sources--including corporations, foundations, individuals, or other non-public entities--must be approved by the Vice President for University Advancement prior to their initiation and must be coordinated through the Office of Development. This policy applies to faculty members, administrators, and any others who are or who may become involved in soliciting or receiving gifts for any purpose.
  • The Division of University Advancement, through its Office of Development, is responsible for coordinating all fund raising or solicitation activities at Clayton State University. The Division has responsibility for the entire development process, including the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of sources of potential financial support for Clayton State University, as well as the valuation, recording, and acknowledgment of gifts received.
  • Prior to the initiation of a formal request for solicitation approval, the Office of Development is available to consult with those who wish to approach potential funding sources. The Office will assess the appropriateness and timing of such a solicitation in light both of institutional priorities and any known financial commitments by those considered to be potential donors.
  • Once a formal solicitation request is approved by the Vice President, the Office of Development will work with the college, department, division, or individual faculty member to identify and evaluate prospects, suggest solicitation approaches, and coordinate the actual solicitation.
  • This policy does not apply to grant or contract proposals submitted to any governmental agency or government organizational entity.
  • Faculty deaths or retirements, anniversaries or significant dates, and other events are often the impetus for a special appeal for funds to mark the occasion. These appeals may focus on establishing a scholarship in the individuals honor or memory or funding some other form of tribute or commemoration. While the amounts sought through such special appeals are normally limited to friends and colleagues, these special appeals must be discussed and coordinated through the Office of Development/Alumni Relations prior to their initiation.


  • Individuals or corporations often initiate contact with the Clayton State University faculty and staff regarding funding opportunities. All such calls should be referred to the Office of Development. Any complex questions such as those involving possible tax liabilities, testamentary gifts, asset valuation, trust arrangements, or gifts of real property are best referred to the Office of Development.
  • While individual staff and faculty members are encouraged to answer questions and discuss gift opportunities with potential donors, these inquiries must be reported promptly to the Office of Development. This information will be used as part of the overall coordination of development activities.
  • Private donors, individual or corporate, should be directed to make all gift checks payable to Clayton State University Foundation and to mark the check for the intended use.
  • All gifts and pledges to a Clayton State University unit, whether solicited or unsolicited, that are sent directly to an individual or to the unit must be made to the Clayton State University Foundation, and promptly delivered--with copies of any accompanying documentation (e.g., a letter, card, or note)--to the Office of Development. The Office of Development will ensure that the gift is credited to the proper account and that the gift records system is updated. The Office will coordinate preparing unit and donor receipts and other appropriate acknowledgments.
  • Information obtained pertaining to any constituent of the University (personal/profile information, financial records, etc.) must be considered property of the Foundation, and therefore private and confidential. Anyone from the University engaged in the cultivation/solicitation process of any potential donor must keep all/any records private and in strict confidence. The Office of Development maintains all constituent profiles for the Foundation and University. Any publicly accessible information on any constituent may be recorded for University use. No unconfirmed or opinionated statements may be recorded.      


  • The Office of Development coordinates records and acknowledgments of all gifts to the Clayton State University Foundation for the various components of the University. This includes pledges of support as well as gifts of cash, securities, insurance policies, real estate and other gifts-in-kind.
  • All gifts and pledges must be directed to the Office of Development. Gifts received by any unit directly for a donor should be delivered to the Office of Development immediately so that a timely, official acknowledgment can be accomplished. Gifts transmitted to the Office of Development should include the following information:
    • Name and full mailing address of donor(s).
    • Purpose of the gift.
    • Fund/account in which the gift is to be placed, if known.
    • Original or photocopy of any correspondence accompanying the gift.
  • The Office of Development will coordinate recording and depositing all gifts. The computerized donor records will be updated and an official receipt will be sent to the donor indicating the date and amount of the gift, the purpose of the gift, and any appropriate notations concerning the form of the gift or restrictions on its use, and the value of any goods or services provided to the donor in return for the gift. A copy of the official receipt will be sent to the appropriate department or unit to confirm that the gift has been processed and for use in further thanking the donor. Whenever requested, anonymity of the donor will be respected and protected, both internally and externally.
  • All gifts to the Clayton State University Foundation are acknowledged in one or more ways depending on the size and type of gift and its designated purpose.

Crowdfunding Guidelines