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Why Choose CSU Fayette


Bryan LaBrecque

Word is getting out about CSU Fayette. Every day, we receive phone calls, emails, and visits by people looking for more information. As Director of CSU Fayette, I would like to welcome you to our website and hope that these pages are informative and beneficial.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear from the local community is, “Why should I choose CSU Fayette?”

There are several important benefits associated with attending CSU Fayette.

First and foremost is, of course, the education. All classes at CSU Fayette are taught by qualified instructors many of whom are full-time professors at the university in courses of study ranging from Liberal Arts to Business and Technology Management. In addition, the instructional site offers a Master of Business Administration degree, and a minor in Aviation Administration.

Second, and possibly equally important to students and their parents, is cost. Clayton State University has long been considered an institution providing great educational value. This holds true at CSU Fayette as well, with tuition costs mirroring those at the main campus.

Students who are eligible for financial aid (including the HOPE scholarship) can generally use the support they receive to pay for expenses at the Fayette County location. In addition, as a CSU Fayette student, the CSU on-campus housing requirement is waived, allowing students to live off campus, thereby saving considerable costs associated with room and board. For many students in the Coweta/Fayette area, this means that the educational costs of attending CSU and earning a bachelor’s degree can come at minimal cost. Just submit the housing exemption to avoid the freshman living requirement.

In fact, after having children attend the CSU Fayette site for two years, many parents have commented that they had already saved upwards of $50,000!

Third, the CSU Fayette instructional site offers a convenient location for students living in Fayette County and surrounding area. The site provides the students with a professional atmosphere perfect for higher education pursuits in a quiet location close to shopping, restaurants and other services. And for our Peachtree City students, we are even easily accessible by golf cart!

Fourth, CSU Fayette has a strong relationship with local industry and works diligently to locate work internships for many students who wish to gain work experience while attending. Courses are often offered online or in the evenings to accommodate our students.

Finally, you will find a warm, friendly environment here staffed by professional advisors, administrative staff and caring professors who work closely with students—often on a one-on-one basis—to provide an atmosphere of scholarship and success. 

If you’re searching for a quiet learning environment with class sizes of 30 or less, professors who care deeply about student engagement and success, a caring and helpful staff, all at a reasonable cost, CSU Fayette may very well be the place for you.

Come find out for yourself!

Bryan LaBrecque Director of CSU Fayette