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University Assistance Animal Policy

Clayton State University (CSU) is committed to maintaining a welcoming and respectful environment for living, work, and study for all individuals, including individuals with disabilities. To that end and in compliance with federal and state laws, the following information provides general guidance and permitted uses of animals assisting individuals with disabilities while on CSU property.

The CSU Assistance Animal Policy applies to assistance animals that may be used to assist individuals with disabilities.  The term “assistance animal” is a general term that refers to both Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESA), both of which are defined within the policy.  

To learn more about student responsibilities and request procedures regarding Emotional Support Animals and Services Animals, please review the Assistance Animal Policy here:

 Assistance Animal Policy

ESA Request for Information

Students who are applying for an ESA must also submit completed intake forms along with their completed ESA Request for Information at the link below:

Submit Intake Forms