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Spring 2022 Courses

Course Tutors
ACCT 2101 Isabel, Johnson, Luise
ACCT 2102 Johnson, Luise
ACCT 5000 Isabel, Johnson, Luise
ACCT 5200 Johnson
Course Tutors
BIOL 1111 Isabel, Marie
BIOL 1112 Isabel, Marie
BIOL 1151 Isabel, Shanice
BIOL 1152 Isabel, Shanice
BIOL 2250 Shanice
Course Tutors
BLAW 2106 Johnson
BLAW 3370 Johnson
BUSA 1105 Johnson
BUSA 3101 Johnson, Marie
Course Tutors
CHEM 1151 Shanice
CHEM 1152 Shanice
Course Tutors
CRIT 1101 Sebastian
Course Tutors
CPTG 2201 Johnson
CSCI 1101 Sebastian, Tanner
CSCI 1301 Sebastian, Tanner
CSCI 1302 Sebastian, Tanner
Course Tutors
ECON 2105 Isabel
ECON 2106 Isabel
Course Tutors
FINA 3100 Isabel
FINA 3101 Johnson
Course Tutors
All French Marie
Course Tutors
HIST 1111 Johnson, Marie, Sebastian
HIST 1112 Johnson, Marie, Sebastian
HIST 2111 Johnson, Marie, Sebastian
HIST 2112 Johnson, Marie, Sebastian
Course Tutors
ITFN 1201 Sebastian
ITFN 1401 Sebastian
ITFN 2214 Sebastian
ITFN 2512 Sebastian
ITFN 3103 Sebastian
ITFN 3112 Sebastian
Course Tutors
MATH 1101 Angela, Devin, Isabel, Jean, Luise, Marie, Sebastian,
Shanice, Tanner
MATH 1111 Angela, Devin, Jean, Sebastian,
Shanice, Tanner
MATH 1112 Angela, Devin, Jean, Sebastian, Tanner
MATH 1113 Angela, Devin, Sebastian, Tanner
MATH 1221 Sebastian
MATH 1401 Angela, Isabel, Devin, Luise, Tanner
MATH 1501 Angela, Devin
MATH 2020 Tanner
MATH 2140 Tanner
Course Tutors
MGMT 3101 Isabel, Johnson, Marie
MGMT 3120 Johnson, Marie
Course Tutors
MKTG 3101 Isabel, Johnson, Marie
Course Tutors
POLS 1101 Isabel, Johnson, Shanice
Course Tutors
PSYC 1101 Isabel, Joseph
Course Tutors
All Spanish Isabel