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Faculty Directory and Research

Access the Faculty Directory to learn more about each of our faculty and view their completed research.

Full-time faculty

Department of Accounting, Business Law, Economics, and Finance

Khamis Bilbeisi

Dr. Khamis Bilbeisi Professor of Accounting

Kate Cotter-Reilly

Ms. Kate Cotter-Reilly Lecturer of Accounting

Dr. Anthony Hannah Assistant Professor of Accounting

Iryna Hayduk

Dr. Iryna Hayduk Assistant Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Research on Economic Sustainability & Trends

Brian Hunt

Mr. Brian Hunt
Lecturer of Economics

Reza Kheirandish

Dr. Reza Kheirandish Professor of Economics and Department Chair, Accounting, Business Law, Economics and Finance

Chen-Miao Lin

Dr. Chen-Miao Lin Professor of Finance

Lawrence Menter

Dr. Lawrence Menter Senior Lecturer of Legal Studies

C.R. Narayanaswamy

Dr. C.R. Narayanaswamy Professor of Finance

Adel Novin

Dr. Adel Novin
Professor of Accounting

Lou Orchard

Dr. Lou Orchard Associate Professor of Accounting

Russell Spears

Dr. Russell Spears Lecturer of Economics

Jesse Zinn

Dr. Jesse Zinn
Associate Professor of Economics

Department of Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management

Linda “Joie” Hain

Dr. Linda “Joie” Hain Assistant Professor of Marketing

Lydia Hall

Ms. Lydia Hall
Lecturer of Supply Chain Management and Director, Center for Supply Chain Management

Craig Hill

Dr. Craig Hill
Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Charles S. Conklin Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Management

Dr. Earl Howell Lecturer of Management

Louis Jourdan

Dr. Louis Jourdan, Jr. Professor of Management and Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Kenneth Kungu

Dr. Kenneth Kungu Associate Professor of Management

Carin Lightner-Laws

Dr. Carin Lightner-Laws Assistant Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Keith Miller

Dr. Keith Miller
Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean

Kamran Moghaddam

Dr. Kamran Moghaddam Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

George E. Nakos

Dr. George E. Nakos Professor of Marketing and Department Chair, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Mario Norman

Dr. Mario Norman Professor of Marketing

Judiffier Pearson

Ms. Judiffier Pearson Lecturer of Management

Leon Prieto

Dr. Leon Prieto
Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Md Rokonuzzaman Assistant Professor of Marketing

Michael Smith

Mr. Michael Smith Lecturer of Management

Margaret Thompson

Dr. Margaret Thompson Professor of Management and Director, Student Engagement, Professional Development, and Communication

Vinod Vincent

Dr. Vinod Vincent Assistant Professor of Management

Anita Whiting

Dr. Anita Whiting Professor of Marketing

Adjunct faculty

  • Arianne Adams
  • Morten Brante
  • Thomas Garsombke
  • Alexander Heublein
  • Ezekiel Jones
  • Terrence Malloy
  • Myles Mann
  • Judith Ogden
  • Christine Oji

Faculty emeritus

  • Lari Arjomand
  • Doris Cash
  • Michael H. Deis
  • John E. Feathers
  • Diane Prince Fulton
  • Harold Joseph
  • Greg Kordecki
  • Gary May
  • John Mascaritolo
  • Judith Ogden
  • J. Donald Phillips