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College of Business

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Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management

Management emphasizes the integrative nature of the management discipline in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling contemporary profit and non-profit organizations. Marketing and Supply Chain Management are two critical areas of business that drive customer engagement with a company or organization.

The Management program includes general management, leadership, human resources, management science, and strategic management to provide the student with modern analytic concepts, tools, and techniques that can be used as aids to managerial decision-making. The impacts of the international environment, social responsibilities of managers, and career opportunities for management graduates receive special attention across the broad range of management courses. Various teaching methods are used in an effort to bring reality to classroom considerations of relevant business problems.

Marketing is the dynamic life-blood of every organization. Our marketing curriculum involves a comprehensive study of the basic concepts, techniques, and tools for developing marketing strategies and marketing programs. Students are prepared to help organizations decide which consumer groups to serve and which product and services to produce, and to set appropriate levels of promotional effort, pricing, and other considerations in generating sales.

Metro Atlanta is one of the most important global logistics centers in the U.S. The region's growth in supply chain management is due to its strong cluster of corporate headquarters that demand efficient supply chain services, vital southeast geographic location, and robust infrastructure. From highways to rails to the frequency of flights, combined with an outstanding capital ecosystem, Atlanta is uniquely positioned for supply chain technology innovation and talent acquisition.

George E. Nakos

Dr. George Nakos
Professor of Marketing and Department Chair, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Linda “Joie” Hain

Dr. Linda “Joie” Hain
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Lydia Hall

Ms. Lydia Hall
Lecturer of Supply Chain Management and Director, Center for Supply Chain Management

Craig Hill

Dr. Craig Hill
Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Charles S. Conklin Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Management

Earl Howell

Dr. Earl Howell
Lecturer of Management

Kenneth Kungu

Dr. Kenneth Kungu
Associate Professor of Management

Carin Lightner-Laws

Dr. Carin Lightner-Laws
Associate Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Dr. Lawrence Menter
Senior Lecturer of Legal Studies

Keith Miller Keith Miller
Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean

Kamran Moghaddam

Dr. Kamran Moghaddam
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

Mario Norman

Dr. Mario Norman
Professor of Marketing

Judiffier Pearson

Ms. Judiffier Pearson
Lecturer of Management

Leon Prieto

Dr. Leon Prieto
Associate Professor of Management

Md Rokonuzzaman

Dr. Md Rokonuzzamon
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Michael Smith

Mr. Michael Smith
Lecturer of Management

Margaret Thompson

Dr. Margaret Thompson
Professor of Management

Vinod Vincent

Dr. Vinod Vincent
Assistant Professor of Management

Anita Whiting

Dr. Anita Whiting
Professor of Marketing