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Major Mentor Program Services

The College of Business Major Mentor Program Offers the Following Services:

  1. Study Skills Coaching
  2. Guidance Towards Degree and Career
  3. Information on University Clubs/Organizations/Societies
  4. Proper Program Etiquette
  5. Information about Merit-base Awards and Scholarship Opportunities
  6. Class Registration Tips
  7. Professor Feedback
    • Classroom Protocols
    • Approaches to Assessment
  8. Will Walk You Through:
    • Majors and Minors
    • Courses, Instructors, and Professors
    • Workloads
    • Tips on How to Become a Successful Student
    • Programs and Services Offered By CSU (Free Tutoring and such)
    • How Course Work and Subjects Can be Applied to Real World Experiences
    • How the COB and Professors Want Students to Succeed, not Just in Class but in Their Careers
  9. Other Educational Support within the University
  10. External Outreach
    • Alumni
    • Other