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APA Comprehensive Program Review

There are several reasons why you might decide to conduct an assessment of your degree-granting program. First, program assessment is a good way to uncover any gaps in your department’s course offerings that are preventing students from achieving the intended learning objectives. Second, program assessment gives you the opportunity to thoroughly explore your curriculum, which may uncover areas that need to be updated to meet the needs of your graduates as they enter the workforce. Third, a program assessment can bring to the surface those courses that are either no longer needed or need revision. Finally, if there are accreditation requirements for your discipline, then a program assessment will help you prepare a report for the appropriate agency.

Whether you are just starting out or you are already in the program assessment process, the links below will provide valuable information to help you through each stage. If you would like to meet with a consultant to discuss any stage of the process, please email contact us.

Worksheets and Resources

Developing Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Selecting Assessment Methods and Gathering the Data