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File Storage

Home Folders

Clayton State provides individual storage space for students and employees. This storage area is known as your home folder and can be accessed by visiting FTPS access to your home folder is also provided for students and employees. Please refer to the Settings and Limitations section below to learn how to configure your FTP client.

In addition to the web and FTPS interface to your home folder, employees on campus using Windows will automatically have an H: drive mapped to their home folder.

Within each home folder is a folder named_Public. Content that is placed under the_Public folder is anonymously viewable over the Internet. For students, this is where class web site projects should be published.

Sharing Folders

You can use the LochBox web interface to easily share folders with any CSU employee or student. When you share a folder with someone, a link to that folder is placed in the recipient's _SharedWithMe folder. This allows the user you shared content with to easily access that content.

Group Shares

Group shares are available to CSU employees who need to collaborate on content with multiple employees. Windows users will have a Z: drive that is mapped to the top level group share folder.

Group shares must be requested through The Hub.

Settings and Limitations

Content stored on CSU systems must not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

Storage limits:

  • Employee: 75 GB
  • Student: 25 GB

FTP settings:

  • Server:
  • Protocol: FTP with explicit TLS/SSL
  • Port: 21
  • Transfer mode: Passive
  • Initial path: /home/<username> Here is a short video clip showing how to connect to your home folder with Cyberduck.

Off campus access to home folders and group shares through Windows Explorer is available for faculty and staff. You must be logged into the campus VPN server and use the UNC path to the folder. For example, sign in to the VPN server, then click START / RUN and type "\\\home\<username>" for your home folder or "\\\groupshares\<group_share_name>" to access group shares.