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Mailing Lists

Since the start of ITP in the late 1990's, CSU has been providing mailing lists for each class section to facilitate discussions.

Each class mailing list is automatically generated nightly at 5am. The lists are created based on the information in Banner about the class section. The currently enrolled students and faculty of record are automatically added to the mailing list (or removed as needed). These members of the list are the only people who can send to the list. The e-mail address they are sending from needs to match what is stored in Banner. It is not possible to make manual adjustments to the mailing lists, as they would be overwritten the next time the script runs.

The list naming convention is For instance, Math 1101, section 4 for Spring 2002 would be

We also maintain lists for each major. They are named major### where ### is the code of the major in Banner. These lists contain all the currently enrolled students who have that major listed on their student record.

These mailing lists have a limit of 2.5MB for a message (ie text and/or attachments.) Larger messages than this should be stored on a web site, and then the link to the file e-mailed to the mailing list. This not only reduces load on the mail servers, it also makes it easier for students to download large messages at their own convenience.

Non-Class Mailing Lists

On the same server, we maintain a small number of non-class specific mailing lists for organizations and committees which have a connection to the University.

This is something offered as a minimally supported service. We can verify the service is working normally, but management of the mailing lists will be left up to the list owner.

For our examples we will use a mailing list named sample. For your mailing list, replace sample with the name of your list

The management of the list is located at

The list member interface is located at where they can join, leave or set their preferences

The list members can also use e-mail to join or leave the list by sending an e-mail to or

The web interface provides some documentation and help text, and the documentation for the Mailman software can be found at