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Active Directory

Clayton State uses Microsoft's Active Directory Services for it's directory services and authentication systems.  This system is collectively referred to as LochNet.

NES provides every student and employee with an Active Directory account. Student accounts are automatically created based on academic status.  Employee accounts are officially requested by Human Resources.

LochNet is populated with data from primary data sources, ADP, and Banner. The data includes employee and student roles, course groups, departmental groups, and many network resources. Employee workstations are generally set up to log into Windows with the user's LochNet credentials which allows the user to access various shared resources.

Employee Accounts

When an employee account is created, a network home folder and an Exchange mailbox are assigned to it.  Any additional access, such as Banner access, must be requested by the employee's supervisor.

When an employee leaves or is terminated, the network account is disabled and marked for expiration.  After 15 days, the account will be deleted. Note that it is not possible to recover deleted accounts.

CSU retirees are allowed to keep their account and mailbox.  However, access to any other campus resource is restricted.  Employees who are retiring should contact The Hub and request to keep their account.