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Quality Enhancement Plan Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clayton State University has adopted this program to help first-year students with career exploration and student engagement by providing holistic learning experiences.
  • Certain courses linked as E.D.G.E. courses are posted in the Course Schedule. The instructors of these linked classes have designed a paper or project where students work within specific group(s).
  • Students work on some project/paper that uses course learning to benefit and enhance teamwork and sense of belonging within the campus community.
  • Some of what’s expected of you is similar to other courses:
    • Come to class prepared and on time
    • Complete work on time and on schedule
    • Be mindful of your instructors' expectations
    • If there is a group project also be mindful of your team members expectations
  • In E.D.G.E. classes you’ll also be acting as an ambassador for Clayton State University when you interact with the community partner(s), whether that’s in person, via email or indirectly.
  • Career exploration is defined as a process of learning about career paths, job functions, industries, and roles with your individual career preferences, including interest, values, and skills.
  • Student engagement is defined as intentional efforts that engage students in planned events and purposeful learning related to career exploration and pathways.
  • Your course instructor will be the best person to explain this to you.
  • Be sure to read through their syllabus carefully, and any other materials related to the program.
  • In all cases, your instructor has worked to develop a relationship with the college community to provide you with a meaningful and beneficial experience.