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Quality Enhancement Plan
Laker's E.D.G.E

(Education, Development, Goals and Employment)

QEP Executive Summary

Clayton State is known for its personalized attention, small class sizes, affordable career  opportunities and real-life experiences that provide our Lakers a competitive edge upon graduation. Like many other campuses, CSU has experienced several transitions over the past few years, coupled with the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, student completion rates and student engagement have decreased. As a result, the institution has experienced a decline in retention, persistence, and graduation rates.

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a requirement designated by the institution's accrediting agency; SACSCOC. Each institution is required to submit a QEP which is a 5-year plan based on student success plans. CSU's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses on developing a comprehensive first year experience program that will encompass: extended orientation, first year seminar, learning communities and career competencies. This plan aligns with the institutional mission of cultivating an " ... environment of engaged, experienced-based learning, enriched by active community service, that prepares students of diverse ages and backgrounds to succeed in their lives and careers."

This new initiative is called, Laker's E.D.G.E (Education, Development, Goals and Employment). Students who participate in the program will focus on career exploration and student engagement by providing holistic learning experiences through the establishment of intentional career paths and initiatives that enhance learning. Laker's E.D.G.E has been developed to make a positive impact on the student learning environment and ultimately increase retention, progression, and graduation rates at Clayton State University. Laker's E.D.G.E combines the traditional orientation and academic success seminar (extended orientation to campus resources and instruction in basic study skills) with NACE's Career Readiness framework which addresses career-related goals and outcomes of curricular and extracurricular activities. The chart below provides a breakdown of the program structure.

1st Semester

First Year Seminar-CSU 1000
Academic Coach
(Living) Learning Community
Engagement Activities and Goals-Teamwork

2nd Semester

Career Bootcamp (D2L)
Academic Coach
(Living) Learning Community
Engagement Activities and Goals-Career & Self Dev.

Employers have often stated that career readiness plays an important role in identifying key skills, across all job functions. By providing these types of experiences to Clayton State's students, the University is preparing students for career paths of today and industries of tomorrow. Nonetheless, implementing these efforts prior to the start of class (orientation) and throughout the first year lays the foundation of the holistic approach to student success.