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Office of Assessment Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Process

The degree granting program faculty members at Clayton State are responsible for the development of all learning outcomes and have worked in teams to develop sets of outcomes that reflect the unique character of their disciplines. Each program is required to have an assessment plan that includes program student learning outcomes, a curriculum mapping matrix for the outcomes, a data collection plan, and a discussion of the results with proposed changes. With the exception of programs that have external accreditation, program assessment planning is guided by the standard assessment template (found below). Beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year, the following cycle will be used to collect updated plans, data, and evaluation reports on an annual basis. The change in the reporting cycle is a result of feedback from department chairs that coordinate more than one academic program and requested a change so they could more devote more attention to each report.

Cycles for Reporting

 Undergraduate Programs
Reports Due July 1  
Biology Business
Criminal Justice Chemistry
Dental Hygiene Communication and Media Studies
English Computer Science
Health and Fitness Management Health Care Management
Information Technology History
Legal Studies Integrative Studies/Liberal Studies
Mathematics Nursing
Performing Arts Psychology and Human Services
Philosophy Political Science
Teacher Education Sociology



 Graduate Programs
Reports Due July 1  
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Master of Archival Studies
Master of Business Administration Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Health Administration Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Psychology Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
  Health Care Management


Reporting Template

Assessment Planning and Reporting Template