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Office of Assessment Comprehensive Program Review Process

The following steps will help you gather the data to prepare your Comprehensive Program Review Report:

  1. Login to the CPR Management Site located at If you haven't logged into the site before or you have not been trained on it's use, contact Tom Marshall to schedule an appointment.
  2. Once the courses and faculty information has been entered into the management site, access Report Menu in the CPR Management Site. The page that loads will give you access to the Crystal Report that generates Appendix A of your CPR report. (If your program is not listed after you click on the Crystal Report Link then contact Tom Marshall.) To set program options:
    1. Choose your program
    2. Enter the starting year for your review (5 years prior to the year your report is due).
    3. Select Word from the pull-down menu (the report will take a while to generate and download).
  3. Contact Jill Lane to request the Digital Measures Reports needed for Appendices B & C
  4. Download the CPR Template and complete your report narrative.
  5. Contact Jill Lane for instructions on uploading to the password protected review site.