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Purchase Requisition Form Guidelines


All Purchasing Requisition requests must be sent to the Procurement Services Department.

Note: All purchases of goods and services under $3,000 have been institutionally mandated to be purchased with the p-card, provided the vendor accepts the card as a form of payment. The state p-card is the most effective way to make payments less than $3000. Items may be purchased under the $5000 single transaction daily limit (non inventory items) provided, all purchases comply with state and institutional purchasing guidelines.

Vendor Check Requests

If the p-card cannot be used for a purchase with an invoice only, submit the Check Request Form with the original invoice to the Procurement Services Department. Procurement Services will determine if a purchase order is required.

Purchase Orders

Submit a Purchasing Requisition for all purchases requiring a purchase order (ex. a single item over $3000) to the Procurement Services Department. Include support documentation (ex. specifications, competitive pricing, and recommended vendor(s)). The Procurement Services Department upon approval of available funding, will issue a purchase order to the selected vendor.

Note: For vendors that do not accept a p-card, include a statement from the vendor or from the purchaser on the Check Request Form. (ex. This vendor does not accept the p-card as payment.)

Note: When submitting payment requests with supporting documentation, allow at least one week for check processing.