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P-card Do's and Don'ts


Advertising/Marketing All advertising must have a copy of the ad along with the receipt/invoice

Airfare Must be accompanied by an approved Request to Travel Form that should have been completed prior to travel date.

Approvals Visa packet must have at least two signatures; the cardholder and the departmental approver.

Bank of America Statement Your original Visa statement is required to be turned in with the reporting package each month. Not copies.

Business Purpose (BP) A clear BP comment must be on each and all transactions in WORKS so that it prints on the CSU GL Memo Statement.

Clayton State University Cell Phones CSU issued cell phone bills are allowed on the p-card. You must submit all pages of the bill, including blank pages, with your VISA p-card Packet.

Conferences The p-card may be used to pay for conference registrations. You must include the itinerary and a copy of the registration form.

Contract Affidavit A Contract Affidavit is required by Georgia Law for any labor or services equal to or greater than $2500 for each time you do business with the vendor.

Food/Lodging Food and lodging for student activities are allowed when on official school business. They are never allowed for employees.

Food for Official LAB Usage You are allowed to use your p-card to purchase food for official research, laboratory animals or for classroom experiments.

Furniture Furniture may be purchased as long as the manufacturer is on statewide contract. If the amount is <= $500 it must be approved by Priti Bhati.

Meeting w/ Lunch Meetings and Luncheons should include an agenda that states lunch is provided.

Memberships Memberships must be in the university’s name. Any exceptions must be authorized by the employee’s supervisor and must include written justification as to why the university should pay for an individual membership.

Missing Receipt Circle the charge on the statement identifying the charge amount purchased. If the amount is =&lt;$100 submit the completed Missing Receipt Form for lost invoices/receipts with the "Visa Packet."

Plants and Flowers Artificial plants and flowers for office common areas are allowed.

Promotional Items Promotional items are allowed to be purchased on a p-card for those areas where such an expense is allowed. Documentation must be included in Visa Packet with a clear purpose for University Business.

Receipts Original receipts with itemization of transaction must be submitted with your monthly reconciliation packet.

Resale Items Food for consumption by non employees at events/services provided for the general public or purchased for resale in gift shops, bookstores, and other non-employee related uses are allowed on the p-card.

Sales Tax w/Vendors Before using a new vendor for ordering, please check to see if your tax exempt status will be accepted. Out of state vendors may charge sales tax - try to use someone else if possible.

Security of p-card Your p-card must be kept in a secure location with cardholder access only.

Student Auxiliary/ Functions/Athletic Teams Include original receipts, agenda and a roster of students in attendance. Especially when food and lodging is involved. Students must sign for receipt of funds or goods.

Travel - Air or Rental Car Always provide an approved Request to Travel Form for staff/faculty travel.

Visa Packets Your reconciled Visa packet is due in to the Procurement Office on the 5th business day of the month. If it falls on the weekend or a holiday it will be due on the first business day after.

Works Reconcile all Works transactions by the last business day of the month and include a copy of your monthly GL Memo Statement along with you monthly Visa packet.


Alcoholic Beverages Do not purchase alcohol of any kind.

Animals (Live) Do not purchase live animals for any purpose.

Bookstore Do not use you p-card to make purchases of any sort in the University Bookstore.

Cash Advances There must be no cash advances including those received though teller machines, banks, or as "cash back" at the time of transaction.

Chamber of Commerce Memberships Chamber of Commerce membership dues are not allowed to be paid with University Funds.

Contracts & Agreements (monthly /annual agreements) Do not use your p-card for monthly/annual contract for maintenance/service agreements.

Computers & Equipment Do not purchase computers, laptop computers, tablets, iPads, notebooks, monitors, and servers on your p-card. All computer purchases must go through procurement on a purchase order and approved by OITS. The bookstore is exempt from this requirement.

CSU Foundation Do not use your p-card for any expenditures that should be reimbursed by the CSU Foundation or other outside agencies, government or otherwise.

Employee Travel Expense Do not use your p-card for employee hotel, meals, entertainment, and other travel-related incidentals such as baggage fees, ground transportation, shuttle or taxi.

Entertainment Expense No entertainment of any type, including but not limited to movie tickets, amusement park tickets’ arcades, etc. This does not apply to student organized activities. Call procurement if you have any questions.

Live Plants or Flowers No fresh cut flowers or live plants are allowed.

Food & Catering Note: Some Grants may fund food purchases, subject to the approval of the Office of Grants and Contracts Do not use your p-card for Catering/Food for consumption by State Employees unless purchase qualifies as a “group meal” as defined by the Business Procedures Manual.

Fuel Fuel purchases are not allowed for university vehicles, rental cars, or for your personal vehicle.

Furniture/Equipment Do not purchase furniture or equipment =&gt; $3000.00, unless prior approval has been secured from Procurement Services. This is considered an asset and inventory.

Gifts/Awards Do not purchase any type or style of gifts, to include but not limited to awards, trophies, plaques, speaker fees and honorariums to employees or non-employees.

Gift Cards, Calling Cards Do not purchase any type or style of gift cards, telephone calling cards in the U.S./Abroad, store value cards, pre-paid card or gift certificate with your p-card.

Greeting Cards Greeting card purchases are not allowed under any circumstances.

Hazardous Material No hazardous materials are to be purchased at anytime on your p-card. (Exception for departments with Environmental Health & Safety Approval.)

Hotel/Lodging No hotel or lodging on p-card; DO NOT reserve room or place p-card on file for incidentals or any reason.

Holiday Decorations Do not purchase holiday decorations for the office, office door, or employee work station.

Inventoried Items Do not purchase any single tangible (Physical) item that has a value of $3,000 or above. Some examples are IT/AV hardware, fixtures/signs, furniture.

Leases No lease payments for equipment or property are to be place on your p-card.

Meals & Events No meals or events (tours, etc) on your p-card unless it is part of a registration fee and is for University Business.

Multimedia Equipment of $3000.00 and above Do not use your p-card to purchase multimedia equipment of 3000.00 and above. Anything over the stated amount must be on a purchase order.

Personal Purchases Any item for use by an individual for non-work related use or use other than official University/State business are not allowed.

Professional Services Do not use your p-card to pay for Professional services.

Purchase Orders Do not pay for PO related invoices with the p-card.

Sales Tax Do not pay sales tax on any purchases made for University Business.

Software Do not purchase software with p-card.  All software must be approved by OITS and CID (if instructional).

Use of the p-card Do not share your p-card or your card number even if the purchase is for legitimate state business.