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Room Reservations


The Clayton State Library recognizes a need to provide functional spaces for group collaboration and individual study with special equipment designed to facilitate learning, media presentation, and recording capabilities. The study rooms are designated as Active Learning Zones and require a reservation for use.

Who Can Reserve?

  • Clayton State University degree seeking students and currently employed faculty & staff
  • Reservation privileges may be blocked due to repeated guideline violations


  • Groups must consist of at least 2 people with the following exceptions:
      • L140 requires at least 6 people
      • L212 requires at least 4 people
      • L220 can be reserved for one person or a group
      • L222 can be reserved for one person or a group
  • Maximum reservation length is 3 hours
  • Only 1 reservation per person, per day is allowed
  • Reservations may be made up to 14 days in advance

Use Guidelines

The person scheduling the room is responsible for ensuring that the condition of the room is the same as when the reservation began. This means removing trash, pushing in chairs, and erasing boards with library-provided erasers. If the room is not in good condition at the start of your reservation, please alert library staff.

  • Adhere to minimum and maximum occupancy for each room throughout the reservation
  • A user or group that is more than 15 minutes late forfeits the reservation
  • Be kind to the cables and refrain from moving the table
  • Keep in mind the study rooms are not soundproof. Monitor conversation and media volume levels, and keep the door closed while in the room
  • Check out the library-provided markers and supplies if you plan to use the dry erase boards
  • The Clayton State University Policy states that children may never be left unattended on campus, which also includes any library study room. Public Safety will be notified immediately if unattended children are left in the library
  • Follow the Food and Beverage Policy
  • Please vacate the room and return any supplies to the nearest service desk 15 minutes before closing; study rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time
  • Three or more violations of study room policies will result in loss of study room privileges. The first and second violations will result in a warning and a note being placed in the patron’s Alma account. The third violation will cause the patron to lose study room privileges

Conference Room (L140)

The Conference Room is prioritized for departmental use before 5:00pm. The Conference Room includes a 14-seat conference table with recessed power outlets, a dry-erase white board and 55” display monitor. Requests to reserve the room prior to 5:00pm must go through Library Administration.

One Button Studio (L220)

A One Button Studio is a simplified recording studio that gives users the ability to create a high-quality video recording without any previous video production experience. Instructions for the One Button Studio are in a folder next to the device. Do not attempt to move or adjust the camera manually, it is motorized and controlled by the One Button software. Please ask for assistance if you need to move the green screen.

Collaborative Media Room (L224)

The table in the Collaborative Media Room provides multiple inputs so that group members can easily switch between devices. The room has 4 HDMI and 2 VGA cables. A variety of adapters are available for checkout at the Reference Desk. Please ask for assistance if you have trouble with the cables.


Please see the Study Zones Policy and the Food & Beverage Policy for more information.