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Gift Donation Form 

The Clayton State University Library welcomes the donation of all formats of research materials, including books, journals, sound and video recordings, photographs, and manuscripts, as well as monetary gifts for the purchase of library materials. Donations must supplement the library’s current collections and support the institution’s curriculum and research needs. Gifts are accepted or declined in accordance with the criteria established in the library's and University Archives’ Collection Development policies.

Conditions for Acceptance

  • Prior to accepting any donation regardless of size, the Dean of Libraries in conjunction with the Department Head of Access, Research, and Instructional Services or the University Archivist will determine if the materials support the curriculum and research needs of the campus community and/or fill a gap in the current library collection or University Archives.
  • Upon acceptance, the donor will be referred to the Department Head of Collection and Resource Management or University Archivist to arrange a mutually agreed upon time to receive gifts and to ensure formal acknowledgement and consideration. After acceptance of the gift, the donor receives an acknowledgement letter from the Executive Assistant to the Dean.
  • Once received, all materials become the property of the Clayton State Library and University Archives. The library reserves the right to accept, reject, sell, or otherwise dispose of donated materials based on recommendations from library faculty/subject liaisons, the Department Head of Collection and Resource Management, or University Archivist.
  • The library does not accept gifts that have undue restrictions or conditions placed upon the use of items or monetary gifts.
  • The Clayton State Library will not appraise or assign monetary value to donated materials. Donors who wish to claim gifts as an income tax deduction should arrange to have an evaluation made by an independent appraiser prior to donation of the materials.

Number of Items:
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By completing this form you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, and you agree with them.



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