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Library Patron Food and Beverage


The Clayton State Library strives to provide a comfortable and conducive environment to study for our students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Understanding that food is essential to good health and learning, food and beverages are allowed in most public areas with the following exceptions:

  • Food is not permitted at any computer or equipment station
  • Food/beverages are not permitted in the Archives Reading Room or Exhibit Space
  • Food/beverages are not permitted in the bookshelves Food may not be delivered to the library
  • Beverages must be covered

Prohibited foods:
To ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to learn, free from excessive aromas, dirty or sticky surfaces, and pest infestations, the following types of foods are prohibited: hot meals and snacks, food delivery, shared meals, foods that have a strong aroma, distracting sounds, or pose a risk of spills or excessive mess. Examples of prohibited food items include but are not limited to salad, pizza, soup, popcorn, ice cream and fried foods.

Permitted foods:
To promote the well-being and comfort of our patrons, covered beverages and snacks are permitted in designated areas. Snacks are small, usually packaged, items like one might purchase from a vending machine, pastries, and fruits that don’t create excessive smell or noise.
Examples include cookies, granola bars, apples, bagels, and pretzels.

If you have food and beverages in the library, you are responsible for disposing of the items.

  • Please leave space clean for the next user
  • Dispose of trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers
  • Alert library staff of any spills or accidents

The Clayton State Library is your library. You can help keep it a safe, comfortable space for all members of the Clayton State community by adhering to the food and beverage policy. Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of library privileges and referral to the Office of Community Standards.

Please note that this policy may be stopped or changed at any time under extenuating circumstances or in response to repeated violations. Changes will be communicated in writing.