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Interlibrary Loan Policies

Purpose of Interlibrary Loan

The purpose of interlibrary loan services is to provide our patrons access to materials not found in the Clayton State University Library, and as a resource for materials from our collection to all eligible requesting libraries.


To request an interlibrary loan, the library user must fill out the proper forms recording all information necessary for locating the material to be borrowed or photocopied.  Submitting the form indicates that the library user is aware of copyright violations and any charges that may be incurred.

Interlibrary Loan Users

The interlibrary loan service is offered only to current Clayton State University students, faculty, and staff.  Patrons not currently affiliated with Clayton State are not eligible.

Materials Not to be Requested

  • Textbooks
  • Audiovisual materials
  • Reference Books
  • Periodicals (copies are provided instead)
  • Microforms (copies are provided instead)
  • Reserve Materials


The time needed to obtain an interlibrary loan is dependent upon the difficulty of the request, proximity of the lending library, and the amount of requests to be processed. It usually takes one week to obtain a photocopy and up to two weeks to obtain a book.


Borrowers are responsible for any fees, such as photocopy charges, out-of-state book fees, or postage reimbursement, imposed by the lending institution even if material is no longer needed upon arrival. Any charges due must be paid upon receipt of the material.


The borrower will be notified when the material arrives.  If the material is not picked up within three weeks, it will either be sent back or discarded.


When possible journal articles will be e-mailed or faxed in response to interlibrary loan requests.  Books requested through interlibrary loan must be picked up at the Clayton State Library Reference Desk and will not be mailed to students.  Students who are unable to come to the Clayton State Library Reference Desk to pick up materials should make an interlibrary loan request for books through their local public library.

Loan Period

The lending library determines the length of the loan and restrictions concerning the use of the material.  Renewals may or may not be granted depending upon the policy of the lending library.

Overdue Material

Materials, other than photocopies, must be returned to the library on or before the due date.  If the lending library imposes a fine for the overdue item, payment of that fine is the responsibility of the borrower.

Lost Materials

If materials become lost, the borrower is responsible for all charges. The lending library determines the charge for the lost material.


Clayton State University Library will honor requests received through OCLC or ALA form if the borrowing library is not an OCLC participant.

Materials not loaned

  • Reference Books
  • Periodicals (photocopies are provided instead)
  • Microforms (photocopies are provided instead)
  • Audiovisual materials by special arrangement only
  • Reserve Materials

Copyright Compliance

All interlibrary loan functions shall be directed by and in compliance with the Copyright Law and its guidelines.


We lend books and photocopies of journal and newspaper articles at no charge.

Loan Period

Materials, except photocopies, are loaned for one month. Renewals are granted for another month if the item is not in demand.

Overdue Materials

When an item is overdue, a notice will be sent requesting the status of the material. If the material is either reported lost or not returned within one month, a bill will be sent to the borrowing library requesting payment.  Payment will be determined according to the library policy on lost materials.

Number of Items Requested

We will only allow five books at a time to go out to the same patron at a library.